Our Curriculum

At St John's Green our curriculum is taught over three time periods of approximately 12 weeks each. Each time period is called an 'Assessment Period' and within that assessment period we plan, teach, monitor, assess and review the children's attainment and progress. At the end of an Assessment Period, parents will receive an Assessment Period Report which details how your well your child has progressed over the last 12 weeks and the next steps in their learning. Please see: Assessment Period Reports.
Assessment Period 1, September - December.
Assessment period 2, January - March.
Assessment Period 3, April - July.
Below is an overview of the themes for each year group for the academic year 2018-2019.
At the bottom of this page are the details of the curriculum coverage for each year group for each Assessment Period.
A curriculum is a clever way of saying - this is what we're going to teach your children.
The Topic Web gives the theme that the children will be covering in an Assessment Period and an overview of key learning. It also includes places and websites that parents could visit and books that you could read to support your child's learning at home.
The Curriculum Letter goes into much more detail about the curriculum your children will be learning.
Please note - paper copies of the Curriculum Letters are sent home each Assessment Period.