Parent Teacher Association

Charity Number: 1181725.
Please contact us if you would like to find out more information about the PTA, how you could volunteer or how you could help. We would also like to hear from you if you have any suggestions for future events or fundraising ideas. 
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Who are we?
  • Claire

    Hi I’m Claire, and I’m very excited to be Chair of the PTA again this year. I have a daughter in year two and my son will hopefully start at St John’s Green next September. Please do come and join us for a cuppa at one of our coffee mornings!

  • Naife

    I’m Naife, Vice Chair of the PTA. I have a son in year 5. You can find me at the coffee morning at Town Site. I’m very excited about the year ahead and thrilled with what was achieved last year.

  • Jan

    You will of course recognise Jan Taylor from the Abbey Fields School Office. She has been on the PTA for years and is also the treasurer. She can point you in the right direction should you wish to join!

  • Caroline

    Hi I’m Caroline the new secretary for the PTA. I’ve a son in year 2 and twins in Foundation. This is my second year in the PTA and looking forward to this coming year.

  • Jasmin

    Hi I’m Jasmin, I have a daughter in year 2. I have been part of the PTA for a year and look forward to another year.

  • Rebecca

    I am Rebecca and I am an active member on the committee. I have a daughter in year 3 and a son in year 1.

  • Justine

    I'm Justine, parent of a child heading in to year 6 next term. I've been part of the PTA for some time now and today (the last day of term and academic year!) is why I'm so pleased to be able to be part of the PTA. Handing out school memory photo books to the year 6 leavers (a new gift idea that the children can treasure forever) gifted from the money raised by the PTA; the headteacher Mr Billings bringing to the attention of the children that their last term memories, (the school BBQ, the leavers disco, the trip to Harry Potter World, the ice-creams handed out after the crabbing trip) all paid for, or contributed to by the PTA.
    This is not the only year to benefit from the fundraising we do. Every child from St John's Green school is considered when we start to plan an event, to raise as much money as we can, to benefit the school and try to make a difference. From important equipment like books, to the ice-creams in the park, our fundraising efforts are worth while and it's thanks to all those that are able to contribute that we are able to provide these things. From the stall on the fair to baking the cakes to having a boogie with the children at the school disco - it all counts! Every penny counts in this current financial climate and we can and do make a difference.
    I have one year left of being part of a great dedicated team of parents who give up what time they can afford (lives are so busy but any help is much appreciated!) to support the school. And what a great job they are doing and we can all do!

  • Lucy

    Hi I’m Lucy. I decided to join the PTA after going along to a Christmas Fair meeting when my oldest son was in Year 1. At the time I was on maternity leave from work and felt I had a bit more time to volunteer. I was also keen to get involved with the school community. Since then I have returned to work part time and although I can’t make meetings anymore I help out when I can at events and with planning/ideas. The nicest thing is that there’s never any pressure to help, it’s very much about what you have time to do and what you’re comfortable with doing........hence I’m never involved in anything art related! It’s been a lovely way to meet other parents, particularly in different year groups that I wouldn’t otherwise have met.

  • Kirsty

    I am Kirsty Wiggins, the teacher representative on the PTA. I have been at the school for 5 years and am currently a teacher in Year 2 at the Town site.

  • Neveen

    Hi I am Neveen, I joined the PTA when my daughter started at the school. I only knew a couple of other mums so I thought it would be a good way to meet other parents. I was a little nervous going to my first meeting but I needn’t be, I found the other parents friendly, open and welcoming. Throughout the year we have done some exciting things for the children, I have thoroughly enjoyed putting ideas forward and contributing to events. I look forward to the bi weekly coffee mornings and will be a member of the PTA for years to come.

  • Birgit

    Hi, I am Birgit. I joined the PTA a little while ago and have a younger daughter in year 2 and also have a younger daughter, who will start school next September.

  • Catherine

    I’m Catherine I have a son James who is in Chariot class and really loving school. I shall be starting work as a midday assistant at the town site and I used to be a nursery nurse.

  • Tiia

    Hi I’m Tiia. I’m from Finland and my children are currently in year 2 and year 1. I also work in breakfast club and lunchtime in Town Site. I always thought PTA is only for Supermoms, but hey I’m here too so it can’t be right (haha)

  • Kerry

    Hi I'm Kerry, I have a daughter in Year 1 and I have enjoyed helping out where I can on the PTA over the past year. I’m looking forward to this next year and getting involved in future projects where I can.

  • Rachel

    Hi, I’m Rachel and I recently joined the PTA. I have a son in Foundation and also an older daughter at St. Helena.

  • Sanja

    I am Sanja, Mum of a boisterous boy in Year 3 and a fervent supporter of PTA SJG!

Also, on the PTA we have Stephanie Jones, May Luu, Dawn Lamb, Toria Reed, Jo Winslow, Sheena Si, Lisa Laverick and Lizzie Harper.

Our Previous Events.
From Lisa, year six parent:
As a year 6 mum, just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything the PTA has done for them over the past month! I know that all the children have had the best time during all their leavers activities. Thank you so much.