Dear Danbury ites,
There have been a few questions about our upcoming Danbury trip which is now just over a week away.
A few parents have raised the question that the government advice is currently:
- The department for education is currently advising against domestic trips ( residential and non residential) for children under 18 organised by educational settings. 
We were obviously aware of this and have again sought clarification from county with regards to our residential and their reply is as follows:
 The Essex Outdoors centres were given approval (by Essex CC) to reopen with effect from Aug 1st , and are able to fulfil your booking if you wish to go ahead.
My own view is that being on the Danbury residential is as safe as being at school, if not safer. This is because we will be spending the majority of our time outside whatever the weather. We will be the only school in attendance so will have sole use of the site and facilities. School as you will have seen from the e-mail just sent has been made very safe and as such, I would argue that with the only interactions taking place happening with the Year Group Bubble, staff and centre Staff - you haven't got the added potential interaction with other year groups within the same building.
Whilst at Danbury the children will be split into cabin groups and these groups we will make as small as possible to try and maintain some degree of Social Distancing. 
The children will though also have their activity groups, which will be slightly larger.
Inevitably there will be a degree or lack there of, of Social Distancing with the children. This is inevitable because of the nature of the cabins and because actually the children will want to and will get closer to each other than 1 m. I cannot give any assurance that they wont. In the same way as when they are playing at school or when you have socialised with friends and family.
We will though, as I have already mentioned only be there as a Year Group and as with advice given by the government and the school any potential risk for the children is minimal.
If a child does start displaying any symptoms whilst we are away, then they will be isolated with a member of staff and their parents will be asked to collect them. This is in effect no different to if a child was poorly whilst on residential.
Because it is only our children travelling on the bus and the children are all under the age of 12, there is no need for the children to wear face coverings whilst travelling to the Danbury Centre. We are also using a private bus company and not public transport.
I obviously want your children to go, but if you don't feel that you can allow your children to go, whilst I would be disappointed for them, I would understand.
I will hold three seperate Danbury Information meetings next week, for each class. These meetings will take place at AF, in the large hall and will be for one adult from each family only please and the child going to Danbury. Hopefully in that meeting I will be able to answer any other questions that you may have. 
The meetings will be on Thursday 3rd September as follows.
3.45 Oysters (Was Garrison)
4.30 Raedwald (Was Cavalier)
5.15 Magnets (was Castle)
I'm sorry that the timings may not be the most helpful but it is the best I can do.
Please remember that your child will definitely need a sleeping bag, pillow and pillow case and teddy bear. As an aside Mr Bates likes Twiglets.
The kit list has been sent and is also on the website in 'Parent Information' and then 'Danbury.'
I hope this answers the questions that we have been sent or that you thought of but didn't ask.
I will send out the letter with final timings next Tuesday.
Simon Billings