Early Years Admissions

As of September 2011, admissions for all schools in the Foundation Stage changed.

Parents have the right to request that, regardless of their child’s date of birth, they start school full time in September.

Parents can also request that their child starts school at a later time during the school academic year. The law also states that children do not have to start school until the term after their fifth birthday, which is when children reach compulsory school age.

Parents may also request that their child attends part-time until they reach compulsory school age.

The full details of determined admissions can be found at the web link below.

At St John’s Green Primary School, we believe that we have a duty to promote what is best for the children that will be in our care.

We believe that for many children starting school full time or even half days in September, is too early for them and they are not yet ready for school.

As such, the school believes that as parents, you should decide what is best for your children, although this might not be what is best for you as parents.

We want to work with the children and parents who are allocated places at St John’s Green. Therefore, when we have the confirmed details of children who will be joining us in the new academic year, we will be writing to you all and asking you for your preference for your child’s admission.

Admissions Policy

The Local Authority (LA) is the admissions authority and is responsible for all aspects of pupil admissions and appeals.

Parents/Carers can apply for their child’s school place online using the Essex Online Admissions Service at: or by phone 0845 7430430.