Meet the Staff

Head's Team. 
Our Head's Team operate across both our school sites and are contactable via either school office.
  • Mr Simon Billings


  • Mrs Tina Bourne

    Deputy Headteacher

  • Mrs Fiona Bullivant

    Assistant Headteacher and SENCo

  • Mrs Clare Skinner

    Assistant Headteacher

Our Teaching Staff
Our Teaching staff will always be out on the playgrounds at the start of the day to collect your children and will bring your children out to you at the end of the day.  If you would like a quick word with them, please just ask, or alternatively ask for a time to be arranged if you feel you need a bit more time with them.
There are regular opportunities through the school assessment periods for you to engage with your children's learning. These include:
Open Mornings - when you can come and see the school in action and your children in lessons.
Open School - when you can come in after school, to look informally with your children at their work.
Open Evenings - when you come with your children and they talk you through their learning. We even lay on some food prepared by our catering team to sustain you.
  • Mrs Sam Smith

    Year 6 Teacher - Year 5/6 Phase Leader. (SMT)

  • Mrs Jade Wall

    Year 6 Class Teacher.

  • Miss Jasmine Alexander

    Year 6 Class Teacher.

  • Miss Lynne Smalley

    Year 6 Senior LSA

  • Mrs Claire Rowe

    Year 5 Class Teacher/Year 5 Lead

  • Mrs Jade Rayner

    Year 5 Class Teacher.

  • Mrs Alicia Crane

    Year 5 Class Teacher.

  • Miss Helen Amos

    Year 5 Senior LSA

  • Mrs Sue Chapman

    Year 5/6 HLTA

  • Miss Elizabeth Salmon

    Year 4 Class Teacher - Curriculum Team Leader/Year 4 Lead

  • Mrs Jennifer Hancock

    Currently on Maternity Leave

  • Miss Sophie Stockwell

    Year 4 Class Teacher

  • Miss Rhianna Mitchell

    Year 4 Class Teacher

  • Miss Suzette Kerr

    Year 3 Class Teacher - Curriculum Team Leader/Year 3 Lead

  • Mrs Suzanne Randall

    Year 4 Senior LSA

  • Mr Robert Eves

    Year 3 Class Teacher

  • Mrs Hannah Minshall

    Currently on Maternity Leave

  • Mrs Louise Cook

    Year 2 Class Teacher - Curriculum Team Leader/Year 2 Lead

  • Miss Abbie Aston

    Year 3 Class Teacher

  • Mrs Hanna Simmonds

    Year 3 Senior LSA

  • Miss Charlotte Witzenfeld

    Year 2 Teacher. Year 2/3/4 Phase Leader. (SMT)

  • Mr Dan Bates

    Year 2 Class Teacher.

  • Miss Kirsty Wiggins

    Year 1 Class Teacher/Year 1 Lead

  • Mrs Nina Shah

    Year 2 - Senior LSA

  • Mrs Marion Simmons

    HLTA & ICT Technician Year 2/3/4 HLTA

  • Mrs Rachel Scotting

    Year 1 Class Teacher

  • Mrs Lyn Spiller

    Year 1 Senior LSA

  • Miss Lucy Cook

    EYFS Teacher. EYFS/Year 1 Phase Leader. (SMT)

  • Mrs Shannon Palmer

    EYFS Teacher

  • Mrs Sally Correia

    EYFS Teacher

  • Miss Charlotte Harvey

    EYFS Senior LSA

Our Support Staff
Below are just some of the school's support staff who help ensure the school runs smoothly. All support staff are contactable via the school offices.
  • Mrs Jan Taylor

    Office Administrator - Abbey Field

  • Miss Jennifer Impey

    Office Assistant - Abbey Field

  • Mrs Sarah Shuttlewood

    Office Administrator - Town School Data Protection Officer

  • Miss Katie Richards

    Office Assistant - Town

  • Mrs Wendy Poole

    School Business Manager

  • Mrs Paula Worrell

    Finance and HR Assistant

  • Mrs Sarah Burke

    Catering Manager

  • Miss Eileen Blackery

    Catering Supervisor

  • Mr John Bromley

    Site Manager

  • Mr Steve Skinner

    Site Assistant

  • Mrs Diane Parker-Nicholls

    Speech and Language

  • Mrs Vanessa Jonas

    Speech and Language

  • Miss Amy Ketley

    Speech and Language

  • Miss Tracey Clarke

    Family Support Worker

  • Mrs Rachel Cottham

    Family Support