What's in a Book?

The girls have had a lovely week learning all things Books!  
They have created an animation on 2animate, written interview questions for a book character, written jumbled up stories, written book reviews, designed a new ‘Little Miss’ character and drawn their favourite character and written a profile on them. They have missed Amelia-Rose this week who returned back to school. Amelia-Rose has asked me to show you this photo of herself, she was really happy to receive a sticker from Miss Harvey this week for her written work! 
Again girls you have been very busy and productive. Amelia Rose, it has been brilliant to be able to have you back in school, I'm sure your sisters are very jealous!
What was the name of the 'Little Miss' character you created. I read Little Miss Helpful the other day - poor Mr Happy.
Daisy has been busy finding out all about books this week. She has put together her own magazine, made a book jacket, wrote a jumbled-up story, came up with her own Mr Man (Mr Unlucky) and Beatrix Potter character (Tommy Turtle). She even made a set of Top Trump cards based on book characters. But the best part was making a cosy reading corner where she could sit and read to the dog!
Really well done Daisy. Your reading corner looks fantastic and I love the title of the book you're reading - as well as those spread out in front of you! The dog does look very comfortable.
We didn't take a lot of pictures but Millie enjoyed learning about Beatrix Potter. She also wrote an invite to Hermoine. 
She read some of her books she hasn't looked at for a while. She then used her book, "The Scarecrow's Wedding" and wrote questions to the female scarecrow Betty. 
Noah wrote about his 2 favourite authors RL Stine and JK Rowling. He read some more of his books which he enjoyed. He also designed a front cover for Captain Underpants. (I just didn't take picture) 
Thank you both of you. Millie, really impressed with your synopsis of Beatrix Potter and Noah it seems like you have a bit of a Harry Potter Obsession.