What we did over Lockdown!

Well, what haven't we done during lockdown to keep us all busy, motivated, resilient and our bodies and most importantly our minds healthy?
There has been; football (with new rules to ensure daddy never wins), baking and cooking, Lego building, some STEM activities, maths (24hr clock work, timetables, coordinates, money, fractions and calculating how much pocket money has been earnt doing chores around the house), a huge amount of colouring and drawing, writing secret coded messages and posting them to friends and then deciphering their replies, an attempt at cricket in the garden, word searches, practising timetables, bike rides, walks and the pain (for daddy) of Joe Wicks, watching films, writing an amazing Avengers based story (planned, cold task and then hot task), watched Harry Potter read Harry Potter, listening to audiobooks (Potter and more Avengers), reading (books, comics, online and magazinesa), keeping in contact with classmates, family and friends, bird watching (2 Robins nests and a great spot by Lucy of what turned out to be a Sparrow Hawk ), listening to daddy read stories (we can highly recommend Anna at War), making a zip wire for Pokémon toys, investigating the Inca's, playing board and card games, growing potatoes (very slow) herbs and lettuce, playing in the mud kitchen, creating science experiments, decorating stones to leave on our walks, enjoying theatre and musicals online, long lazy baths, learning about female role models, making-up a tap dance video to help raise money for the NHS, repurposing a big box in to a wardrobe, helping mummy during her zoom meetings, making candles (twice!!), practicing weights and measurements, going on Pokémon Go searches, having pyjama days, painting daddies nails, taking part in whole street zoom quizzes, celebrating family birthdays both near and far, being able to at last visit family and friends in their gardens, producing Pokémon information PowerPoints, tree climbing starting in the garden and moving further afield as restrictions eased, making up quizzes for the weekly street quiz, also creating an 80 question Kahoot quiz for our weekly family zoom quiz, writing a joint story with Lukas by sending the story back and forth to one another, watching Hamilton and learning about Anne Frank to understand race, prejudice and why BLM, watched TV and most importantly, staying safe. 
Lucy, I'm exhausted just reading this - have you even managed to sleep. You've obviously done a fantastic amount and must now be the go to person for all things Harry Potter and Pokemon - although I suspect that you probably were before. I think I'll stay away from playing football with you - I struggle to beat my own son when I know the rules, so think I'd probably have no chance with you. Stay safe.
Taliyah’s Dad helped her make a bird house for a brownies project she had to do during lockdown. The birds are really enjoying it. I bet they are - what a fantastic bird house - very colourful.
Evie-Anna, Lilly-Grace and Amelia-Rose have certainly been busy throughout lockdown with visits to the beach, climbing their favourite trees in various woods, helping to decorate their bedroom, completing weeks of Joe Wicks PE lessons and doing a charity Tap dance to raise money for the NHS. The girls have really appreciated the outdoor spaces much more, especially right at the beginning of lockdown, and although we have made many memories, they cannot wait to get back to school to see their friends and teachers again. Thank you St John’s Green for all your support in this unprecedented time! What a fantastic lot of photo's. Was that dad I spied hiding in the top of the tree. Love the newly decorated bedroom? You've all done so well - so very well done and thank you for everything you've sent into the school. Roll on September.
A few pictures from my home school.
  1. Retold "I can trick a tiger" on Purplemash with animation pictures
  2. Created an indoor tent out of sheets and "camped out" in the living room
  3. Learned about different landscapes and animals and wrote a fact sheet about the Adonis Blue Butterfly
  4. Painted stones and created a "Covid-19 stone snake" on our road for everyone to add stones.
  5. Planted the sunflower for the sunflower competition which as of today is 80cm tall.
Well done Joshua, it looks like you've been very busy. I love your living room camp. Well done as well for your sunflower - I've also popped that on the sunflower page.
Here are Ruperts highlights from lockdown. 
He loved 'mummy's shop' at the start of lockdown, when he got the chance to buy his lunch with real money after a morning of home school. He even helped to write the menu.
Surprisingly, he loved home school and he did really well with his reading and writing skills. He was very proud of the adding machine we made and spent a long time writing number sentences with it.
He loved playing with his lego and was able to follow the instructions on his lego city sets and make them all by himself! He was very proud. We planted seeds, baked, and did lots of arts and crafts, including making a T-Rex head out of a milk bottle. We will never forget his first home haircut! 
The highlight of every week by far was clapping on a Thursday night and trying to be as loud as he could! 
Well done Rupert, what a lovely summary of just some of the things you did.
Rose's lockdown highlights include:
Having Zoom science lessons with Grandma, getting to do her school work on daddy's computer, doing lots of arts and crafts (her favourite being her unicorn tent), baking, clapping for the NHS and getting extra time in the paddling pool when she should have been at school! 
Excellent Rose, this is brilliant and I can see how the paddling pool would be more appealing than school!
Please find attached 6 photos of things Bella has enjoyed over lockdown.
Bella has been very busy during lockdown. She has discovered new places local to us by going on nature walks to Bourne Woods. She has also enjoyed baking a lot and has made lemon drizzle cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes and helped to make a massive 50th Anniversary Celebration cake for her grandparents, she even cooked us a very nice pesto pasta dinner! We’ve been to the beach at Walton with best friends to play in the sea and of course no visit to Walton is complete without fish and chips for dinner! (obviously) Bella has attempted to try a photo shoot with her dog Coco, as you can see it went really well!! We recently met up with Bellas twin cousins, which she loved as she hadn’t seen them for 4 months! She set up some races in the garden for them all, which of course Daddy had to win!! (It's a daddy thing) We have also had quite a few trips out to the coast in our VW camper van (called Skye!) where Bella has enjoyed chilling out and reading. As well as all of these Bella has also enjoyed playing in her paddling pool, writing letters to the family and has recently joined a new dance class that is currently taking place on Abbey Fields!
Bella, I'm exhausted just reading through all this, so am going to have a quick lie down. It sounds like you've had a wonderful time - I hope you missed us a bit and managed a tiny bit of work? 
Jasmine from Circus class would like to share some things that she enjoyed  and work that she is proud of doing during the lockdown. 
Top: From left to right:
1. Designed a new dress for mum
2. Baked cupcake with Daddy
3. Daily LEGO challenge: Number blocks having a holiday.

Bottom: from left to right 
1. Daily sports challenge with my little brother
2. Wrote my own poem
3. Took my dog Poppy to the beach 
What lovely memories Jasmine - I especially like the dress you designed for mummy and the walk with 'Poppy' looks especially fun. Thank you for sending them.
We have been very busy during lockdown and have done a lot of new activities. Isabelle went camping and crabbing for the first time, she did a lot of yoga and even started a diary in March which she is still continuing to write in now. We have planted several different plants, some of which are still alive (like the sunflower and the avocado tree). We learned how to climb trees, how to ride a bike and how to build IKEA furniture as well as how to make ice cream and how to bake lots of goodies (such as her birthday cake). Isabelle also did various different experiments and learned about all the planets in our solar system as well as several lessons about the human body and how it works. Isabelle spent many days playing card games with the whole family and many more hours in the pool and on the trampoline in the back garden. Since getting books for her birthday, she has a newfound pleasure of reading and reads to her sister every day.
Isabelle - this all sounds fantastic, really well done. I look forward to hearing all about your camping trip and the crabs you caught. Good luck with the avocado tree - we're also attempting one of those - we do at least now have a root but progress has been a little slow, so it sounds like you're fairing better.
As well as keeping up with Handwriting, phonics, reading and maths. Lydia has also been doing some other extra curricular  learning.
In the first picture Lydia is doing a test to find out which solution will clean a dirty penny, she wrote her prediction and how she would perform the test.
In the second photo Lydia is showing her spring onions and lettuce that she grew from roots.
In the third picture Lydia went tree climbing and looking for mini-beasts.
In the fourth photo Lydia is making pizza dough for the family for dinner.
In the fifth photo Lydia has made her own volcano experiment, It is just about erupt!
In the sixth photo Lydia had made butterflies using pens and dipping the wings in water to blend the colours.
She has enjoyed her time learning at home but misses school and all her friends.
Well done Lydia - this is all brilliant. As I'm quite fond of pizza I hope your pizza making was successful? Were you looking for mini beasts in the trees or was the tree climbing an aside to the mini beast hunt - either way, brilliant stuff.
Here is a picture of what Tilly has been up to during the lockdown. You might want to put it on the website. She has made a model tent out of fabric and bits and bobs from the house. It comes with a mini sleeping bag, table, chairs, camp fire and guy ropes. Safe to say Tilly is excited about going camping over the summer holiday!
Just brilliant Tilly - although I hope when you go camping your tent is a little bit bigger!? I hope you have a great time.
Thomas really missed school when lockdown first started. He is the youngest of 4 children but he was the one who led the way in reminding us what we needed to do each day. And I honestly think he was one of Joe Wickes’ biggest supporters, as that is how we started our mornings every day, throughout most of lockdown!

Our biggest struggle was encouraging a 4 year old child who didn’t like writing to put pencil to paper every day, but we managed and once we had a good routine up and running, it worked well. When the school packs started coming through the themes really helped give variety to our learning and Thomas particularly enjoyed sports week and creativity week. During Creativity week Thomas was also watching Maddie Moate theme park week on YouTube and in the end our entire garden, part of the living room and a good chunk of his grandparents garden (when we visited to bring them their shopping) were taken over by various rides, and attractions. It even got him enthusiastic about writing as he created a menu for a restaurant in the theme park with food items like ‘Rollercoaster wrap’ and ‘super space squash’.

I think the thing he will remember most is all the fine time he got to spend with his family. His siblings helped with his learning; listening to him read, helping with maths, cooking together, coming up with scavenger hunts, playing football etc. We spent a lot of time outside, he developed a love of drawing and we always played a board game of his choice every day, as a reward for doing his writing!
What a super summary Thomas. I especially liked reading about this amazing theme park you created literally everywhere. Someone has to take charge in a situation and it looks like you did just that for your family - so well done. I'm glad you played lots of board games as well. One of my children's favourite games is still 'Donkey' although the 'Donkey' card is a bit battered now and if I don't have my glasses on - I often lose because I can't tell which the 'Donkey' card is! Make sure you keep everyone in order over the summer.
Naomi wanted to use lockdown as an opportunity to try lots of new things. She read, wrote, and did maths and PE every day, and we also tried to go out for some time every day too.

Some things she will never forget;

All the time we spent outdoors: At the beginning of lockdown we explored our local area, either taking ‘adventure’ walks or taking a ball or boules, or skates or other games out to the park. We had lots of adventures and found lovely places we hadn’t been to before, got close to nature, and climbed trees, and Naomi mastered skateboarding and stilt walking.

Art: Naomi has always loved to draw. She took this opportunity to do various webinars and learn about many famous artists, their drawing styles and how to draw like them. She was lucky enough for one of her pictures to win second prize in an Essex wide competition. Her love of design also lead to another opportunity, through the children’s university to work with a professional design agency and learn about the process of working to a brief from real clients, coming up with story boards and sharing ideas. Her first project was to design her own lockdown T-shirt and the company were so impressed with her work they’ve asked her to continue working with them over the summer and she is currently working on two other projects with them.

Online learning: Naomi also did lots of zoom courses, on music production, graphic design and programming and viewed lots of science and history online lessons. And she says she doesn’t think she will ever forget the opportunities lock down offered her to explore her own learning. It was definitely an adventure!

Lastly, I can’t not mention that Naomi had her 11th birthday during lockdown, which was rather different from normal.  She celebrated on zoom with friends, did an online escape room, played house party games and her nan and grandad joined us on FaceTime to sing her happy birthday!
Naomi I'm tremendously impressed. You have obviously achieved so much and embraced the opportunities that were around to learn new skills, master old ones and try new ventures. Your art work has clearly improved tremendously and you should be very proud of what you achieved. I'm sure at some point in the future an exhibition will await - and personally I think that would be fantastic. Have a good summer and good luck at secondary school.
Started doing lots more baking and cooking. I’ve made coffee cake, choc au pains, devils food cake, pizzas, chilli, curry’s and scones. The scones I made for VE Day. 
Renewed my Cub Scout promise over zoom with other cubs and then we all went and clapped for NHS. We were all challenged to camp at home and one of the meets we had a zoom scavenger hunt.
Lots of lovely walks and we named this duck we met Princess duck. I made up a story about Princess Duck for my cousins in Scotland. 
I had a my birthday during lock down and we finished off the day with a glow stick men dance off.
Some super memories Zander - I especially like the glow stick dance off - who won? Well done as well for all your cooking - it sounds like you've become quite the chef. Good luck at secondary school.

Daisy has kept busy during lockdown with plenty of walks with the dogs and bike rides, climbing trees, gardening (growing sunflowers and tomatoes), baking, giving the dogs (and daddy) a haircut, arts and crafts, painting her bedroom, keeping fit with Joe Wicks, family dodgeball tournaments, roller skating, kite flying, doing puzzles, clapping for the NHS on Thursdays, rainbow chalk drawings and a bit of homeschooling! She has really missed her friends and teachers at school and is looking forward to seeing everyone safe and well in September.

Daisy I'm genuinely exhausted reading this, I've had to have a lie down just to recover. I see you haven't included the family Sports Day? I'm assuming because you're not convinced that the winner was actually the genuine winner? Well done and thank you for sharing everything you've done over the last 17 weeks. Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you in September.

Thank you so much for your support with homeschooling over the past few months. Have a lovely summer break and look forward to seeing you in September. Many thanks and the same to you too.

Thank you for these photo's Tallulah and Ruby. It was brilliant to see some of the things you've been doing and have been involved in. Really well done. Have a very good summer.