A sterling effort to start the ball rolling from William, Abbigail, Isabella and Amber - plenty of time yet, fingers crossed for a monster sunflower.
We planted some sunflower seeds around a month ago using Alice's sunflower seeds from the flower she grew last year! This is how they look now. Almost ready to go in the ground. Excellent - make sure you tie them up when you plant them in the ground. We made that mistake when we popped ours in and the cat them promptly attacked one of them...
A very impressive Sunflower so far Logan - 1.22cm - excellent growing.
A slow but steady start for Luke's sunflower, almost ready to go outside! Remember the Hare and the Tortoise Luke - slow and steady wins the race. Good luck when it goes outside.
A picture of Joshua's sunflower which was planted the same week we received the seed packet from the school. 
Haven’t measured yet but growing beautifully! 
It is indeed growing beautifully - well done Joshua.
It is Dmitrii’s sunflower, which is 72 cm already. Well done Dmitrii - that's excellent - fingers crossed it doubles in size.
Here is a photo of how Taliyah and Leila’s sunflowers are coming along. Well done girls - keep watering.
Here are Rose and Rupert's efforts so far with their sunflowers! Well done you two - a fantastic start - weather is perfect at the moment too - a touch of rain followed by sun at the weekend, they'll shoot up and be bigger than you before you know it.
Well done Noah and Millie - a great start. It won't be long before they're bigger than the house - hopefully!
Excellent, thanks Ruby and a flower too.
Vada wanted me to send you a picture of her sunflower she is very proud of it as you can see. Quite right too Vada, that's very impressive.
Joshua's Sunflower - As of today (13.7.2020) 80 cm tall. Joshua, how tall will it grow I wonder? 
An excellent effort from the Gledhill-Wraggs - 110 cm so far and still drowing.
Keira has grown a sunflower that is bigger than her. Unfortunately it hasn't actually flowered yet. We measured it at 114cm.
Keira, that's excellent and if it hasn't flowered yet - there's still some growing to go. It could grow bigger than your house - wouldn't that be fantastic.
Well done Alice and Harley - that's a cracking start. Hope the measuring diary is going well and they're shooting up in height?
Please find the attached photos of Yan's sunflower which she would like to put into the competition.
Rose's sunflower measures 67cm.
Rupert's sunflower measures 80cm.
Well done Lilly and Riley.
This is Ody's entry for the sunflower competition. He planted 2 seeds by our 1.83m high fence, in the summer. The plants kept growing and their flowers only bloomed last week!
Well done William.
Well done Charlotte.
Well done Danny.
Elif planted her sunflower during lockdown home schooling.
It is now fully grown at 174cm tall (when held straight)
Although this may not be the largest of sunflowers , it was grown indoors in a pot so we are quite surprised by how large it did grow.
Alissa's summer sunflower.  
Her sunflower is 105 inches (just over 8 ft  tall or 266 cm).We have watered it everyday and attached it to the fence but its so tall its bending. 
Hi, here are the boys (Donovan and Lenny) sunflowers from the seeds sent home from school. The final height measured today is 252cm! They were super pleased they came out just as the holidays are coming to and end! 
Well done Noah.
Well done Millie.
Well done Lucas.
Well done Evie.