The girls have had a lovely week doing all things sports! As well as core subjects, they have taken part in Joe Wicks PE Lessons (and gotten the certificate to prove it! Haha), That is very impressive, sadly I din't get a certificate from Mr Wicks. They learnt about the Olympics- past and present, designed a new Olympic flag and wrote about Usain Bolt. They also learnt how the heart works, created a ‘new’ sport and wrote instructions on how to play, designed a new sports kit for their sport and designed posters on keeping fit! Amelia-Rose returns back to school next week so we have made lots of fun memories. 
This is all excellent girls very well done. You certainly have been very busy as a family.
Noah has especially enjoyed sports week this last week. Noah and his dad watched their first Liverpool game. Not sure if his Dad enjoyed it with all the shouting!!! There is a rumour going round that they're about to win the title for the first time in 30 years...
Noah completed a fact file on Kenny Dalglish and wrote some facts on winter sports. I have heard of Kenny Dalglish - but what about Tony Adcock - 149 goals... He designed his own football strip. He has also carried on drawing some football players. Both  Noah and Millie have also been swimming at Mersea one evening with 2 of their cousins. It looked cold but they all said it wasn't!! It looks freezing!
Millie this week has been on a bike ride with me (mum) which she loves. She designed her own football kit. She has learnt about ancient Olympic games and games from now. Learnt about Usain Bolt. Millie has also made up her own game and written down the instructions.  I do like this football kit design Millie - well done. Hope you're nice to your mum on bike rides. My daughter has the very annoying habit of either suddenly speeding up or suddenly slowing down - which means you can never settle into a nice gentle cycling pattern and spend your time making sure you don't go into the back of her or panting to keep up with her sudden change of speed. I'm sure you're perfect!
Daisy has loved the Sport theme week. She has taken part in PE with Joe and even put together and taught her own workout PE lesson. We have also had a family dodgeball tournament! Daisy learnt about the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and wrote about Usain Bolt and Jessica Ennis-Hill. She designed a new football kit for Sam's football team and a poster encouraging people to Stay Fit. She learnt about how the heart works and the impact that sport and exercise has on your heart. We ended the week with a family sports day (basketball, obstacle course, darts, egg & spoon, long jump...) - dad won gold followed closely by Daisy with silver...and mum came last with the bronze!!!
Well done all, this sounds excellent. You didn't send a picture of your new kit design for Sam's football team - do you think they'll go for your new design? I'm sorry you didn't get'Gold' in the Sports Day. You'll have to ask dad for a rematch...
Lily has been helping renovate the garden. Doing lots of digging, sweeping, knocking down bricks and, using the wheelbarrow to transport materials to the heap!
This definitely, I think comes under sport. I'm hoping you got out of the wheelbarrow before it got emptied?! Out of curiosity - how helpful were you?
Hi Dmitrii. Thank you for the photo's. Unfortunately this is the only one that would up-load so I've asked the office to e-mail mum back. I think you're in Highwoods Country Park. In the other photo's , I think you're in Holland on Sea and then Harwich. I have no idea where you're strawberry picking but I hope they tasted nice.
He was crowned “Colt of the Year” by his football team, Layer Colts YFC, and is extremely proud of this. He has wanted to share this with anyone who will listen so he was extremely excited to share with Mr Billings when we bumped into him! 
Charlie, this is fantastic, you should indeed be very proud - really well done, you must have worked really hard this year on the pitch. Fingers crossed the mighty Colchester United will come knocking on your door in a few years time.