The Home Learning bit of the website has become a tad unwieldy so in an effort to make it slightly easier to navigate I'm going to start linking it to our different themed weeks. This could all take a little bit to sort out - so please bear with me for a few weeks...
Amber that looks brilliant - well done.
Izabel, what fantastic planets - beautiful.
We hope all are you well and keeping positive vibes. Yes thank you.
Nathaniel did enjoyed last week with his favorite theme. He even made a comics about Aliens. I'd love to meet Bob, he seems like a very friendly alien.
Today while I worked he starts with mathematics sipping tea with style. Sorry I didn't add that photo but you were certainly looking very sophisticated.
Hugs from us. Thank you - hugs are always appreciated.
Kitty  has really enjoyed space week.
Especially designing her own planet and alien comic strip. 
Well done Kitty - it would seem that everyone has really enjoyed 'Space Week'
Cameron has had fun making his planets picture. Also he would like to introduce Bleep his space alien. Cameron made a brilliant mind map, of what is alien would be like. He's a friendly alien, who travels to earth with astronauts, and eats fruit from Earth. 
I'm glad he's a friendly alien and I love the name. Well done Cameron - keep up all the hard work.
This week we have been learning about Jupiter - the largest planet in the solar system. Isabelle now knows that Jupiter is known as a gas giant which has the shortest day of only 10 hours. She has also learned about the big red spot on Jupiter, which is a huge storm that took form 400 years ago and is bigger in size than the earth. Isabelle was able to "recreate" this storm in a bottle. Thank you, I didn't know that.
I will move your other planet photo's over to this 'Space' page - but you'll have to bear with me for a bit. I've got a bit behind this week mainly thanks to the Prime Ministers announcement.
Our journey through the solar system continues with Saturn. Isabelle has learned a new song about Saturn and also did an experiment to investigate how different types of particles can become the rings we see around Saturn. We used glitter to represent ice, sand for dust and rice krispies for rocket chunks.
Isabelle - this is all excellent and very tasty too.
The planet Isabelle chose for this week was Earth. We have learned that Earth is the only planet with life and this is due to it's perfect atmosphere and positioning from the sun which is why it's known as the "goldilocks" planet. We've also learned that Earth is made up of several different layers, so Isabelle demonstrated this with play dough.
Isabelle, there's no two ways about it - you will have to be our 'go to' person for all things planets. Excellent work.
We've finished off our space journey with Uranus. It is one of the lesser explored planets, having only been visited by Voyager, and is the only planet which spins on its side. Although it hasn't been confirmed yet, Scientists believe that it may rain diamonds on Uranus because of the gulf levels of methane in the atmosphere there. Uranus has 27 moons that have been named after characters in Shakespeare's plays and is known as the ice giant. Isabelle enjoyed experimenting with ice and its melting point. We found that salt worked really well to achieve melting.
Well done Rudra there's some excellent work here. I'm very impressed. 
This past few weeks Noah has completed more maths and literacy. He has also read. He has made his own.planet and watched Apolo 11. He.also did.the interactive space app and learnt about Neil Armstrong.
We walked to school on Thursday and donated some books and got some back of the trolley. 
Millie has competed daily maths,  literacy and also read. She has made her own planet and looked at the interactive space app from Twinkl. 
She has completed work on purple mash ( postcard from space to her nanny and grandad) and work on cities. 
Really well done Millie and Noah. Love these photo's of planets hovering in your kitchen and think your planets look brilliant.
Hi Chloe, many thanks for all your work - you have been busy. Like your planet design - although personally I'm not that fond of cats - which is ironic really as we have two of the things. Keep up the hard work.
We have learned five new vocabulary, punctuation errors practice, spelling, persuade writing in English.
Maths: mental maths 100 questions, algebra (two side equation, money calculation, age calculation), speed-distance-time graph basics.
Well done Rudra - I really like your comic strip and planet design. A planet full of rhinoceroses is a very interesting idea.  
Love this rocket Izzy - perfect.