School Council

Our School Council.

UNICEF - Rights Respecting School.

As a School, we are currently working towards becoming a Rights Respecting School. This is a UNICEF award based on the following principles:

  • Equality 
  • Dignity 
  • Respect
  • Non-discrimination
  • Participation.

Our school councillors, led by Mrs Corani, Mrs Gustafson and Miss Wiggins are our steering group to push forward this idea. Therefore, our main focus in school council meetings is discussing various rights from the UN Conventions of the right of a child (UNCRC).  The children then feedback to their classes the ideas we have discussed.  You can find a copy of the UNCRC below which is the document we use in our school council meetings.  You can also find the right we are discussing each week on the school Twitter feed and you may want to discuss this at home as a family.