Our School's Learning at Home

Things We've Made at Home
Kayleigh and Franky (Lane) have made flapjacks and cookies today. Who knew being in isolation creates endless hunger, and cravings for sweet treats.... we will do Joe wicks P.E session later – that’s a balanced lifestyle right? Absolutely!
Hey just a few pics of the kids and their work for the teachers.
They are all in good spirits albeit missing the school staff and children. They're doing really well, so well done.
They have completed week 5 of the school pack and think they're great thank you. Our pleasure.
They are growing potatoes , cauliflower, carrots , beetroot, coriander, spring onion and tomatoes and tracking their growth. Good luck. I hope you have a designated waterer. My daughter is in charge of watering in our house. I asked her on Monday if she'd watered the plants to which she replied 'Oops, I'll do it tomorrow.' I tried to point out that plants need love to and how would she feel if we said we'd feed her tomorrow. It was a totally wasted conversation - so I just watered the plants myself?
Baking and making notes of ingredients and method. Love the look of this pie.
We made volcanoes and experimented with varying success to make an eruption. 
Kayleighs almost knitted a scarf and boys have been making lego kits in their spare time. Kayleigh, I look forward to seeing the finished article - hope you have enough wool to make the longest scarf in the world?
Hope all is well look forward to joining you again soon! Fingers still crossed.
Vada has been learning about the solar system and enjoyed doing this poster yesterday. Vada - excellent stuff, You'll be our go to person for all things planets!
Please see the pictures of something amazing that happened to (Vada) and us last week. 
Both Vada and her sister Zara built a den in the garden then all of a sudden a swarm of bees came in the garden and the Queen bee must have settled underneath the hanging blanket which then made the rest of the bees join her in hanging from the blanket. 
We had to call a beekeeper who gave us lots of advice on what to do. Luckily before the bee keeper was due to come the bees decided to go elsewhere. 
Please see attached pictures of the garden and a piece of work Vada has done about the bees.
Vada that is incredible, it must have been a little scary, but what an amazing experience. Love your fact sheet you've done as a result of your visitors. 
Vada is having another busy week home schooling, she has decided this afternoon to make rice crispy cakes from scratch all by herself and then wrote a guide of how she did it. They were very yummy and it's safe to say they are nearly already all gone. They look delicious Vada and I'm not surprised they're nearly all gone., Well Done - excellent baking skills.
Some more excellent art work Vada - really well done, you've got a definite talent there. Unlike my art skills which are sadly lacking.
Lovely video Vada - thankyou.
So far Rose and Rupert have enjoyed an array of things at home. They've started their day with either Joe Wicks or Cosmic Kids yoga which they have loved!
We have also had 'mummy's shop' which is a hit at lunch time. They even take turns writing the menu.
Rupert has made his own animal book, and made a tent with his daddy. He has also had his first home hair cut, and we've groomed the dog!
Rose has had her ballet class on Zoom, and today has enjoyed typing her stories on the computer!
We've been so proud of them and how hard they're trying with their school work and their new teacher! 
Well done Bates clan. I have also had my first home hair cut!  Love the tent idea and the menu looks fantastic - can't believe you ate all that! Don't forget to send your story in Rose when you've finished typing it.
Here are some of the highlights of what Rose and Rupert have been up to lately. They have planted some seeds in pots and we've been monitoring their progress.  This is a very exciting time for seeds, we've planted some and they're now growing - the other exciting bit is that we can't remember what we planted, so although we know something is growing - we're not sure what!  They made castles with her dad during fantasy week and have been playing with them ever since! These look incredible - well done. They also wrote some lovely cards to help cheer up an elderly lady who was beginning to feel lonely in isolation. What a lovely idea. We took a walk to Castle Park and even managed to see some ducklings in the pond! Brilliant - we've got two black swans near where we live, which we look out for when we go out.  Rupert is starting to learn how to ride his bike without stabilisers. Well done Rupert - keep practising.  The highlight last week was hearing from their teachers, which was really lovely. Special thanks for sending out the school packs. Hope you enjoyed the video too. 
What a great story Rose. Love 'daddy's comment' about children! I think this is really magical and very original - really well done, you must have worked very hard on this?
Last week was chocolate chip cookies, this week was the slightly more adventurous attempt at sushi.
Lucy followed the recipe to the letter and her results were pretty amazing. Reading, maths, knife skills, cleaning skills and at the end something fantastic to eat.
I do like Sushi - and it does look fantastic - nothing wrong with sending a care package to your aged headteacher! 
Dmitrii has been drawing tanks and spaceships. That looks excellent Dmitrii, a phenomenal drawing. 
Jasmine and her dad went metal detecting in the garden and found a metal pulley and then spent 2 days in the garage creating this motorised tumbler to clean it together. She has learnt about electronics, using tools, including soldering metal and drilling holes, and she wrote up the experiment afterwards too. Most importantly she spent a lot of much needed quality time with her dad. I am very impressed, both with the tumbler/spinney thing the fact that I managed to pop your video on the website. Well done - Jasmine and dad.
Isabel’s home learning - Easter crafts, science experiment -what soap does to germs (pepper) and Joe Wicks with Mummy!! Well done Isobel, especially like the soap thing - cleanliness is very important. Does mum take part in Joe Wicks or just watch?
Another fun (?) week of home learning in the Stubbings house - daily ‘book club’ with her cousins and Granny, family cycle rides and home baking - Izzys first farmhouse loaf! (Well done Isobel. Very impressive loaf of bread - I noticed that in your mum's e-mail she never answered the question about Joe Wicks!)
Ps when can she come back?! I wish I knew - we're as much in the dark as everyone else.
Well done Amira and Jared. Very impressive. Make sure you keep it all up. I especially like the art work in your window.
This making of 'squishy playdough' looks a lot of fun - very therapeutic.
I love the castle Jared - you must have worked really hard on this.
Beautiful painting on the stones Amira and lovely messages.
Trae & Kyra spent a good few hours colouring in lots of paper hearts for our window display. That is excellent, that's a lot of hearts!
Your mum said your rocket was a bit wonky...I think you need a wonky rocket to help it fly. Well done both of you.
Alina - that really is a fantastic rabbit.
Hope your all keeping well we wanted to share a photo of James  who made a banoffe pie :)
Very delicious it was as well. James I don't doubt it and as pies go it does look fantastic. Sadly I'm not a big banana fan - which is a small problem as Miss Wiggins has just given me a banana cake - it looks very nice and I don't want to hurt Miss Wiggins' feelings but I don't think I can eat it! What should I do james?
Lukas and Lianna have been learning lots of new things, including life skills such as cleaning and cooking but also keeping up with our writing and maths. 
1st photo cosmic star wars yoga to start the day. I haven't actually tried this - I don't think I'm bendy enough.
2nd photo maths colouring. Very good. Well done for keeping this up.
3rd photo cooking a home made Finnish style sandwich cake (This was a first for mum too but Lianna did more than half following instructions, including decorating, which was very impressive. She says she's going to be a chef so she needs the practice.) That looks exceptional. I shall look forward to the next Shared Supper with relish.
1) Lukas and Lianna have mastered the den building today. They planned and built it themselves. This is very impressive indeed. Hope it's waterproof, now it's raining?
2) Lianna was trying to complete her mindfulness colouring sheet, but our cat Pumpuli wanted to help out by laying on the sheet. Very helpful indeed. cats do seem to have a habit of doing this - perhaps cats are only able to read through their bottoms?
3) Today we baked Finnish doughnuts. They're called 'munkki' in Finnish and they're oh so delicious. Kids ate about 6 each straight. A miracle you didn't go pop? 
Love the hair - if we do come back before September we may have to have a slight relaxing of the rules. My daughters hair is now purple and pink!
Jamie has asked if I would forward a photo of her doing an filtration experiment, where we used coffee granules. it was quite messy but good fun. A proper science experiment should always be a bit messy and what a sacrifice from mum with her coffee! Check out the website link below for messy science experiments... 
Some of the things Evelyn has been up to at home
Easter Baking - Those look really nice, are there any left?
Making a Lego rainbow for keyworkers - That is a great lego rainbow, it must have taken you ages.
Gardening with Daddy - Really well done Evelyn. In our house, we have a division of gardening jobs. 1, My children make a mess and scatter things everywhere. 2, I clear it up! It looks though, that you're armed with a trowel and ready to plant some seeds. Don't forget to water them!
Stanley Year 4 has been having great fun designing his board game “Pay Up!”
It’s a mix up of Cluedo and Monopoly. You need to visit the location - either buying, renting or just visit.
Around the board are special stars, either winning money or paying out!
The winner is person with the most money left at the end.
Yet to play it...might need some Tweaking.
Stanley, that looks excellent - what a good idea. Do you get the cars as well in the showroom as my little i10 needs upgrading. 

Love that today he put his school shirt on - feels more ready for learning this way!! 
Stanley, I'm with you. It's always a good idea to dress up smartly to work. Well done.
Last week Stanley spent two days out at work with his dad (lone working!) That must have been brilliant. Judging by the photographs it looks like you had an excellent time.
He used his dads old camera to take some very cool photos. In all honesty Stanley - better than cool - these are amazing, Love them all. Very difficult to pick a favourite but for me the one of your reflection in the camera, very clever.
Some have even made it onto the National Trust Essex countryside Facebook page. A published photographer and well deserved, keep it up.
Stanley enjoyed taking part in the BBC IQ test online today. 
These are his results (and the one he is most proud of!) 
Be interesting to do again in a couple of years time! Stanley, this is excellent - I don't think I'd have done that well. 
Stanley has been enjoying the space topic this week, see pictures of his newspaper article regarding the UFO landing. An excellent article Stanley, I could imagine I was actually there - hope it wasn't our school though! Loved the alien picture and your 'radioactive glow' is probably not that far from the truth with the current climate. Well done young man.
This Easter some of the eggs and still eggsisting SJG pupils (and possible their parents!) decided to keep traditions going and made an eggstra special effort on behalf of the school and of course the their egglustruos eggmaster Mr Billings! (Emma is so embarrassed as I write this) . No need to be egg-barressed Egga.

So on behalf of Emma, Megan, Chloe and Camron, Frankie and Thomas (Justine, Sarah and Jenny)
and our neighbours who joined in the fun with their drawings, a big thank you. These are Egg-straordinary times.
Emily has asked me to share these photos and video with you. And very wise too.

Emily has enjoyed taking part in virtual lessons including dance with Taylor’s Dance, art, photography, Dr Concoctor’s science and Joe Wicks (as well as her mum’s virtual Zumba classes.) Is virtual Zumba where you watch? Do you still have to 'whoop' really loud even if it's just Emily and you?

Emily spent a day on a virtual trip to the zoo learning about a lot of different animals. She then wrote a non chronological report about her trip. We finished the day having fun with lots of different virtual animals in the house. That was a very impressive lion, which would need quite a few sachets of cat food. Hope it's house trained!? 

From the theme activities Emily has chosen to research and draw her family tree. Then for aspirations week she asked friends and family about their jobs and what qualifications they need before researching what she needs to do to become an animal conservationist (her own aspiration.) Brilliant Emily. I think an Animal Conservationist is an excellent idea.

Emily has also enjoyed baking, painting (a large rainbow on the drive) and being in the garden (playing and gardening.) The kitchen looks very tidy. Our kitchen at home doesn't look like that when we bake, not that I actually bake, but if I did, I'm sure it wouldn't look like that! Thought the rainbow and lady birds up the wall looked fantastic. 

Word of the day has become one of Emily’s favourite activities. Here's a word for you. 'Indefatigable' - You have to say it very quickly.

Sorry Emily have uploaded your video now. Very good indeed. 

Thomas has written and illustrated a storybook for his young cousins called The Three Bunnies. Really well done Thomas, you've obviously worked very hard on this, love the illustrations as well.
Thomas has 3 scientist grandparents so has been doing a lot of science. This one worked so well and he was super excited by it! Please share if you can. Consider it shared - this is an excellent experiment, so well done Thomas. Glad you enjoyed it. What else have your grandparents got up their sleeves?
Thomas also wanted to share that he's been doing a project at home about ancient Egypt attached is a pic of his favourite 2 pieces. An instruction guide to mummification (on paper made to look ancient) and a guide to pyramids! Well done Thomas, two excellent pieces of work - keep it up.
It's always disappointing when you dig your garden in Colchester and you don't find a Roman mosaic...but we did find a great rock for the year 5 well-being task. Thomas washed it, dried it and wrote a positive message on it. We'll leave somewhere around AF. Perhaps you need to dig a bit deeper? Love the stone Thomas and a great message. 
This week's experiment worked so well. Thomas learnt about osmosis with potatoes, salt and water! The potatoes in water stayed firm but the potatoes in salt water went small and spongy. Thomas, what an excellent experiment - now, why is that and does it make any difference when you boil them. My mother always said to pop a bit of salt in when you cook potatoes as it makes them taste nicer - but she has got some bad habits.  So, as I genuinely don't know - why do the potatoes in salt water go soft and spongy when in salt water and not the other way round?
Lots of baking happening in this household, this is helping us cover maths, science,  food and nutrition, very therapeutic,  plus yummy results!
So bread making this week.

If you wish to use..
Here’s a quick recipe..
First ‘Wash Your Hands!!’

500g of strong white flour
(Or strong seeded  flour).
1tsp fast action yeast.
1tsp table salt.
1tsp sugar (or honey).
1tablespoon  oil (rapeseed is good but veg/sunflower or olive work well).
325ml of Luke warm water.

Place the flour in the bowl then place in the yeast, sugar and salt but in separate areas of the flour.

Add oil.

Start to mix with fingers
and start to add the water (this will get messy)

Dough will turn into a sticky ball.

Turn out on to a floured surface/board and start to kneed for about 10/15 mins (don’t be shy with your efforts!!)

Whilst kneeding add flour sparingly to the board so it doesn’t stick.

Once it forms a lovely satisfying smooth round ball, oil the bowl and place the dough back into rest.

Cover with a oiled cling film/ oiled baking paper or
clean damp warm tea towel (just dampen if sticks to dough at end of rising)

The dough now needs a warm place to double in size ( this may take a couple of hours but time is, at the moment, on our side and the more time you give it to rise the better the taste)
You can place this in an airing cupboard or we place ours near/ on top of the tumble dryer whilst on

If neither an option leave overnight.

Once doubled in size place back on a floured surface/board and knockout the air (kneed again) for 5-10mins.

Place on an oiled baking tray or in an oiled loaf tin and leave again in a warm area to rise for about 30/40 mins.
For that 30 mins preheat your oven to gas 7
(You can google conversions)

Once done cut a slit on top of the loaf and pop in the oven for 20 mins,  (or till golden on top) do a quick tap check on the bottom of the bread, if it sounds hollow your done, if not give 5 more mins.

Take out of the oven and remove from tin/ off tray and leave to cool on cooling rack for a least 5 mins before u feel the urge to enjoy!!
Emma - that looks like an amazing loaf of bread - served with butter, perfection. 
(Please note humble apology and correction for giving credit to the wrong sister - Emma I'm mortified and hanging my head in shame! - but not for long as I have other things to do today)
In honour of Mr Bates we decided to attempt to see  The Lyrid meteor shower last night (21/22 April) The first meteor shower of the year and one of the oldest recorded, having been noted some 2700 years ago! The meteors are caused by debris particles from the tail of the comet Thatcher and should show up to 10-15 meteors per hour. That's very knowledgeable.
So waking  the girls at 12am, wrapping up warm and taking position in the back garden we watched the night sky and noted that even with the light pollution we could see a good few constellations,  notable the Big Dipper (ursa major). I see Toothless was wide awake!
Trying to get two excitable children (and Bob our dog) to be quiet for the sake of neighbours in the dead of the night was tricky work but braving the chill till 2.30am we did manage to see a few shooting stars (although Emma’s eyes are defiantly sharper than mine) Age does sadly come to us all...
Not quite a shower of meteors but a great experience. I bet it was amazing. I did miss it as I need my beauty sleep unlike you youngsters - but I have attached a link below. Did you have soft music playing in the background too?
Well done Rose - glad the delivery of resources arrived safely.
Harvey and Kai enjoyed doing pretty cooking and writing a story based on the theme of fantasy this morning. I'm not sure what 'pretty cooking' is - presumably not making a mess. It looks like you were both having fun. Well done for the stories - sword battles and everything, very exciting.
Harvey and Kai created colour monsters today.  Harvey was a sad monster because he is missing friends and family and Kai is happy monster because he is with his mummy. Both of the monsters are indeed very colourful - well done boys.
Isabelle Howard has been learning facts about Neptune. She made the planet out of papier mache and learned a song with facts about the planet. Isabelle, this is brilliant and I loved the song. Are you going to do all the planets in the Solar System?
This week we have continued learning about the planets in our solar system. This time we learned about Venus - the hottest planet in our solar system. Luckily Venus is now very visible in the night sky so Isabelle had a chance to see it in the evening. Venus is also known for its many volcanoes, so Isabelle made an erupting volcano. This is brilliant Isabelle. Only 7 more planets to go - possibly 6, depending on how you feel about Pluto? Can't wait to see what planet you do next.
The next planet we learned about is Mercury - the smallest planet in the solar system, which also happens to be the closest to the sun. Mercury is a rocky planet which orbits the sun in a record 88 days. It's also the 2nd densest planet, so Isabelle did an experiment to test the density of different objects and liquids. Isabelle, I'm loving these weekly planet updates and what a clever experiment. Keep going.
Albert has:
Made a radish and a sweetcorn. I love these - especially the sweetcorn. You must have worked very hard on this.
Did some colouring. Brilliant colouring Albert.
Followed a map to find the Easter Egg Treasure Map. Wow, that must have been brilliant. I was excited just listening to you being excited. Hope you found them all.
Here's are some of Rhys's photos of his baking also he us done some brilliant drawings! You have indeed dome brilliant drawings well done Rhys. That chocolate thing you've made with all those mini eggs on - looks fantastic. Is there any left or have you eaten it all?
Today we made a acrostic poem, and also this is the colour monster we made from recycled materials.
Brilliant work Rhys. I think your acrostic poem is fantastic and I love the colour monster - not sure though how you'll be able to stick him to the fridge? maybe he could go on top of the fridge? Surely something must make your colour monster happy - did you not save him a piece of that chocolate thing you made?
For the past month we’ve been busy doing variety of things- baking, painting, walking our dog, learning about wildlife in Poland, etc. Fela’s favourite activity is her big project- paint by numbers on canvas. We can’t wait to see the final results! She enjoys it not only, because it involves painting, but it is a picture of a cat.  It also goes well with this week's theme which is fantasy. That looks amazing Fela. You've obviously been showing a lot of patience and trying really hard. Like mum, I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's all finished.
Teegan - love some of these things that you've been doing, especially the funny little animals. If you could tell Jack that he'll find it easier to ride his bike if he gets on it! Assuming you made the two teddies - I think they're brilliant. Well done you.
Some photographs of my son’s projects and Spanish online lessons. Den was made for the Fantasy week. Well done Alex. Think your den looks brilliant as does everything you've done with the lego. Well done for keeping up with your Spanish lessons.

Lukes' confidence with literacy and numeracy has come a long way, he enjoys word-searches  and building various machines out of lego.

Attached are pictures of his work and two of his lego creations, an ambulance and a speed boat. Luke, those are amazing, really well done. I'm also very impressed with all the other Home Learning you're obviously doing - keep it up.

Tabitha, I love all these flags you've drawn and coloured, you've been very busy. Did you know there are 195 countries in the world - that's a lot of flags!
Bella spent quite a bit of time building a den this week, it took some planning but ended to being epic!! (And coco the dog loved it!) It does indeed look epic - I'm very impressed - you could almost sleep under there!
Here a few of the things Bella has been up to. She designed and made a squishy vending machine!! We set her the challenge of doing some training with our dog coco. Bella watched YouTube videos and has been spending 10 minutes a day with him. That sounds like an excellent challenge, how's that going? Have you come across any video's for training cats as that might be useful for us, as our cats are into rabbits at the moment. There is a video, taken by my son of me chasing the cat round the garden who was chasing a rabbit. The rabbit survived and the cat was not popular! She has also received a medal for cycling 50 miles in April!! That's brilliant, well done - is it 100 miles in May?
Here are some pictures of what the boys have been up to lately! Sidney and Harry - Well done. Especially like that giant bean bag, looks very comfortable. Fantastic sock puppets and musical instruments - is there no end to your creative talents boys?
Hello this is Carson from Year 1 with his learning and skills at home. Really well done Carson. I love the dice that you then used to play a game and your stacked open boxes and paper links are very clever.
Cameron has designed and made a magical wand. Yes he says it looks more like a rocket, but it is to make everyone rich and live in mansions!!! ABRACAZAM is the magic word to make it work! Cameron - brilliant. Please feel free to try it out on me first and if it works I'll let you know.
Millie has enjoyed doing lots of baking and has been doing some incredible art work as well as doing her various workbooks.

She continues to work extremely hard as well as having lots of fun with her little brother Joshua and new baby sister Olivia.
Millie - these cakes look delectable - are there any portions left or have they all been eaten? Well done for all your hard work - keep it up.
Theo and Sofia-Rae would like to share some of their home learning experiences with you. Excellent.
Alongside the school workbooks we have been doing our own thing too.
Theo has been practising his phonics, tricky words and forming simple sentences daily. Theo has been learning about coins and their value. He enjoyed rubbing coins and counting up. He designed his own shop called 'Dino Shop' where he painted, coloured, cut and glued pieces for his shop signage. He then opened up the shop for us to buy his dinosaurs. We used our coins again and had great fun! Theo wants to create a 'Car Shop' next. Theo, you have been working very hard. Well done you. Looking forward to hearing about the, 'Car Shop,' If your prices are reasonable, let me know, I need a new car!
Sofia-Rae has been busy working her way through her school pack and activities. Her particular favourites were researching Mary Seacole, The life cycle of a Poppy and creating an Aspiration tree. Sofia-Rae is unsure of what career she would like in the future so decided to focus on the 'Type' of person she aspires to be. Did you come to a decision Sofia-Rae?
This week Sofia-Rae has been enjoying the fantasy theme and created her 'Fantasy Island' and a map on how to find special objects. Love this fantasy island, that must have taken ages, although I wasn't sure what the swirly thing was on the bottom right hand corner?
Together Theo and Sofia-Rae have enjoyed the garden and have been busy planting seeds and nurturing them. Creating bird feeders from our recycling. An old egg box and juice carton. It has been lovely watching the birds and squirrels come to feed. We have also been planting seeds, I hope though you're better at watering them than my children - who seem to prefer playing with the hose rather than actually pointing the water where it needs to go!
They have grown quite competitive since I introduced Snap! We have also been playing Dominos, Scrabble, Frustration and various jigsaw puzzles. I played 'Beat the Parents' against my two children yesterday - sadly I lost. The Parent questions were really hard.
In the kitchen they have been busy baking. Reading recipes, weighing, pouring, mixing, tidying up and most importantly eating!! Sofia-Rae has even learnt to crack an egg. Those cakes look fantastic - I'm assuming they're now eaten? 
Sofia-Rae chose to read 'Sharing a shell' for her reading activity. A story all about sharing and friendship. It was a good choice for wellness week and turning negatives into positives. This is a really good book Sofia-Rae and so important to look for the positives in different situations.
Sofia-Rae and Theo wanted to share their work with you.
Together they have enjoyed Wellness week and as a family we discussed who and what we are thankful for. We then got creative on our windows and shared our positivity with pictures and messages. Theo also created a mind map, Sofia-Rae completed her Breathe picture and Positive thoughts diary.
Our Top Trumps cards arrived from Colchester Zoo. We have had a great time learning new facts about the animals and also supports our local zoo. I love top trumps although I very rarely win with my own children as they always seem to know which are the best cards. Have you thought about designing your own set of Top Trumps cards - maybe you could base it on all the teachers at the school, now there's an idea. Please give me lots of high scores as it will make me feel better!
Last week we started our Scrap Garden. We used a celery, lettuce and carrot. Rather than putting them in the food bin once used, we placed them in a bowl of water and placed them on a window sill. The carrot wasn't too successful but the celery and lettuce have sprouted and we have measured them each day. They are now ready to pot in the garden, to carry on growing. What a very clever idea. We've started on encouraging my daughter to eat celery - really nice with creamy cheese.
Sofia-Rae has been focusing on Telling The Time and I found a great resource on Twinkl. Simple game of roll a dice and call out the time, great for repetition. Theo has been watching us and joined in too! They now have a game every morning at the breakfast table. A perfect way to start the day.
Theo completed his school activity and made his Adding Machine. He has been recording his number sentences and used his interlocking cubes too. Well done Theo.
A few weeks back Sofia-Rae completed her school activity learning Morse Code. She enjoyed it so much that she sent her grandparents a message for them to decode. They now send messages twice a week via email, it's a great way for them to keep in touch and practice. However Sofia-Rae found a spelling mistake and took great delight in correcting her Grandad! This is very clever Sophia-Rae. My Morse Code is a little rusty so I have absolutely no idea what your message said - hopefully it was polite?
Take care and the kids are looking forward to the new theme this week. Hope you've enjoyed 'Space' look out for a Mr Bates video that I'll be posting on the website in the links for this week later today - a perfect way to spend Friday evening coming up.
Here is a few things that Layla and Summer have been getting up to since lock down begun. 
1. Summer worked super hard on creating her supervillain and creating a wanted poster for it. That is indeed a Super Villain Summer, I can see why it's wanted!
2. Layla using Math to measure out the ingredients to make no cook playdough. Well done Layla - what did you make with the playdough?
3. Summer following simple instructions on how to make no cook playdough. Same question as to Layla, Summer?
4. Both girls working together to make cupcakes. And you look like you're getting on very well - now is that happening all the time?
5. Summer planting seeds which include carrots, sunflowers and pansy's. 
6. Layla planting seeds which include carrots, sunflowers and pansy's.
7. Layla and summer replanting their sunflower seeds into bigger pots.
This is impressive, especially the re-potting bit. Make sure you water them. I do like carrots, so if there's a spare one floating around...
Along with work sheets I have printed off from previous week's on your web page and SAT mini tests which were posted out soon after lockdown. The girls enjoyed their 2 weeks of no work for the Easter holidays but enjoyed playing with shaving foam, being in the garden, painting and doing my make up and hair. I think that's an excellent effort girls, well done. Very talented and an interesting approach to applying makeup. I'm obviously very surprised you didn't do dad's make up as well. 
Hope everyone is keeping well at school and thank you for the girls class teachers calling to check in with the girls. My husband and I thought it was a really nice thing to do. We do try, some would say very trying...
Stay safe and healthy! You too.
Please find the attachment photos about Yan, Y5, making a Chiffon Cake with the recipe she wrote as a home writing task. Yan, that looks amazing and I'm very impressed with your very detailed recipe. I may just add it to the newsletter as I do like meringue - I may even have a go myself. If I do I'll post a picture...
James has been keeping busy at home with a variety of activities here we have added a few. Everyday we go for a walk James particularly likes Castle Park and feeding the squirrels. I don't think I have ever fed squirrels, that must be a lot of fun? We have made lots of different cakes Haribo cup cakes were a favourite! Funny that! James has been helping prepare meals chopping veg etc. Well done James. At Easter we decorated hard boiled eggs and had an egg rolling competition. I bet that was fun too, roll it too hard and it breaks or too softly and you don't win. Along with Rosa Parkes and other famous people in history James loves finding out about Martin Luther King. These are all amazing people James and well worth learning about.
Aianna, they look amazing - your hands right in the middle I see! You have obviously worked really hard on this and I can see how much you've been concentrating.
So this week I made Sir Grass-alot  out of  things I found  in the  garden, bluebells, dandelions, leaves and clovers (mum has attached a picture)  for  my  fantasy  character.  His magic  spell is hot diggety dog which turns anything into a hot dog when you are hungry. A perfect spell if you like Hot Dogs! (He also has disappearing powder). Useful for when you've done something you shouldn't have and need to disappear!
I made a wand to cast the spell too.
Yesterday we did some makaton and finger spelling on how to spell our names .l also learnt to long board skateboard. I am really impressed with this - my skateboarding days are long over - to be fair, they never really began! Well done Logan - keep it all up. Would love to hear more about Sir Grass-alot.
This week has been the best so far mainly because it was my 10th birthday. Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day? For well being week I've made stress balls from flour and balloons , a red one to represent anger and a green one for calm. What an excellent idea. Did you make spares, just in case one bursts sending flour everywhere? I made gratitude cards for what I am  thankful for in my life and a positivity tree . We now have a gratitude jar in the kitchen. Where we write on pieces of paper what we are thankful for each day. This is really important, it's very easy to forget what we do have when there's so much else going on. I also wrote thank you letters to thank everyone for my birthday presents. Good for you, my children write thank you letters as well - it's a very important skill.
According to Logan space week was "the best so far" he has made alien planets (Welcome Nuttyion with its 10 moons, all named after nuts) (and why not) from papier mache. I would like to visit, if only for the kings doughnut ceremony. He found a new alien race (The Nutteans) which have 6 arms four of which stretch as far as the eye can see.They are very good swimmers with their webbed fingers and toes. Logan launched  a baking soda and vinegar rocket into orbit many times (the garden smelt like a fish and chip shop) But I bet it was a lot of fun!
We had half day Dad school with a practical lesson on why, how and when you change oil and water in a car and why it's important to check it regularly. Absolutely essential.
Gearing up for VE day we made bunting recapped on rationing during the war and what food they might of celebrate with. Then had a family zoom call with the grandparents about what their dads did during the war.This was quite amazing we found out that one of them helped engineer/invent radar for planes (one of which now sits in Duxford) .And one was a conscientious objector and become a stretcher bearer faring the wounded back from the front. In the VE link as part of Home Learning is an interview Mr Bates did with his parents - it's not on the website yet but will be before I go home today.
Logan, this all sounds amazing, it seems like you're having a brilliant time.
William @ Home!
Hoovering mid baking session! It's very important to hoover up after yourself.
Beating Mummy at Monopoly and being the banker so practising money & change. Well done - for practising the money and change that is, not for beating mummy - that's very bad!
Trying to do school work (Lily trying to stop him!) Ahh sisters!
Shark face-paint as a reward for good focus on school work. You look very scary.
Helped Lily with her teddy bears tea party. What a nice big brother.
BBC Bitesize maths dance 
Testing his (Dyson Challenge) boat, which took 2kg of sugar...before starting to sink! That's an impressive boat.
Make Easter nests. The best part of Easter Nest making is licking the bowl - followed by eating the cakes!
Designed his Superhero "Woodland Warrior" who can bring plants to life. There are many households who could use this type of superhero...In particular our indoor plants often look a bit sorry for her.
Did a science experiment to test density - we put 1tsp of sugar in tube 1, 2 in tube 2 and 3 and tube 3. We then stacked the liquids in tube 3 which (almost) stayed separated! 
Covered the bottom of his Dyson Challenge board in PVA glue to make it less likely to absorb water.
Using coins to get to a figure out amounts of money. This is all excellent William - really well done. Keep it up.
Hello! I hope you are all well. Just sending in a few pictures of William and what he has been doing while we've been at home. Yes...he has a mohican (which is entirely temporary!). Nothing wrong with a mohican - sadly I haven't got enough hair or I might have one myself!
Katie has been doing a plethora of activities at home, in the mornings we do our work from the home learning packs we have printed off. Katie decided she wanted to learn more about the Romans in Colchester and in particular, Boudicca’s rebellion! Katie did her research and is now an excellent source of information if you need to know anything about her, Boudicca is now one of Katie’s heroines!  We all need our Heroines Katie - I think this is an excellent choice.
In the afternoons we like to do more craft or home activities, in particular gardening, baking, art and exploring the nearby forest for some exercise. Katie made some pretty amazing fantasy land cupcakes, planted sunflowers, cress, carrots, poppies and replanted a Christmas tree! She particularly enjoyed making her own stain glass window, mixing different colours to make new ones.  Those cakes did look very nice, as did that huge one - surely you didn't eat all that? I too loved your stain glass window.
The favourite theme in our household so far has been Fantasy, very exciting! Animal Land is the place to be it would seem. Making cakes for all visitors who come to Animal Land and you can even take a potion that’ll help you fly with the unicorns. I have never been to Animal Land - but I will if it's being recommended - I quite fancy flying with unicorns.
Well done Katie - keep up all this lovely work. 
Reggie - I just love these tarts - brilliant.
Attached are some pictures of what Oscar has been up to.
It looks like you've been having a lot of fun Oscar. The rainbow bread looks amazing - I am curious as to what it tasted like though? Love the cinema idea - we've seen Frozen II but not Trolls yet, although my daughter is collecting the stickers. Well done for your fossil/crystal work and your geography.
Keep being good - you too Scarlett.
First of all thank you for sending home learning pack last week. Rudra is constantly busy doing it and feeling proud to be a part of year 4 at SJGPS. We do try our best and thankyou.
He made lots of art work and baking items during lockdown. Obviously he is missing all his friends but at the same time wishing a safe environment for each friends. I think we all feel the same as you Rudra.
Thanks for sharing other learner's work to motivate him. Also, lovely to watch the school video on YouTube. There is some amazing things going on at home - we're very proud of everything that families are achieving.
Some of the things Rudra has done at home - Mini diaries, recycling Straws, dessert, and family lock-down mural from salt dough. There's some amazing things here Rudra - well done. I especially like your robot and the giant 'R' and obviously your picture of you eating your dessert! I think the hand prints and rainbow jar a very special too. You've obviously been very busy.
Alongside daily maths and literacy, Danny has been doing lots of other learning.  
Making and racing paper boats with Super Hero on board. Love this boat Danny - especially the name - hope you won!?
Making a giant cardboard marble run, writing instructions on how to make it and then sending it to his uncle as a challenge. What excellent instructions - there's been a few marble runs on the go - but this is the first card board one. 
Following the recipe and making rock cakes by himself - better than mine apparently! Sometimes you just have to be honest Danny. Apparently my Mother in Laws stuffing is better than mine. It doesn't matter what I do, it is, according to my son, still not as good as nanny's! My roast potatoes are better though!
He typed out his stock on laptop,wrote down,cut them out and stick on cardboard with help from an adult.  
Noah - what a fantastic machine, you must have worked very hard on this - well done.
Noah made a kite by using a 2 straws  and taping them on an A4 paper in a X shape.
He attached a string on it and it flew as he ran in the wind. He enjoys flying his kite in the fields.
Noah, this is brilliant - what an excellent idea - that looks like a lot of fun?
Noah has been busy making,
1) A vending machine.
2) Splashing in muddy puddles - That's exactly what muddy puddles are for.
3) Making a fish called Freddie. A brilliant name for a fish.
3) Making and flying a kite when out for walks 
4) Cutting out characters  like spider man with scissors. This is excellent cutting Noah well done.
Luke, I do like a Chapatti Wrap. Love the recipe - I may have a go at that myself.
Oscar’s been very busy over the last two days making up his own board game. You move round the board as a robber trying to steal money and diamonds and aim to get home to the black van with them and you need to avoid the pea shooter sniper (metal straw and teeny paper ball). If you get hit you lose your money and jewels and have to go back to the van which is the start. A lot of work and thought has gone into it. It certainly sounds like a huge amount of work has gone into it. Well done Oscar a brilliant idea.
A fantastic power point from Alex...first rate and perfect for next weeks theme. Well done Alex, I'm very impressed.
Grace, what a brilliant piece of work. Have you read 'The Arctic Fox' by Mary Ellis, this is a brilliant book. Loved all your facts - well done and thank you for sharing. We had a rabbit in our garden the other day - I'm fairly sure it wasn't an Arctic Hair - it was cold but not that cold.
Here is a picture of Bethany creating an electrical circuit with dough characters and wires. Hope you can spot the red light bulb is shining! I did have to make the picture larger but it definitely looks like it's glowing to me.
She has also been in the garden making hotels for bugs and cracking codes as part of some content she was watching on World War Two code breakers. Breaking the code allowed you to see what people could get by using their ration books in the war. I know, it's amazing isn't it and our biggest crises at the moment is a few eggs and flour!
Becca just reminded me that she also created an electrical circuit with a light which she used to send some messages! I’m pretty impressed so hope you are! Very impressed.
The learning materials from Colchester Castle have also been really helpful and Bethany learnt about Roman codes too!
Bethany this is all brilliant - well done.
Lola and Florence - This is brilliant, I'm so very impressed.
Heidi, I just love this - fantastic. I think next week I'm going to have to set up a special 'Space' section on the website.
Isabella making moon and star cheese bites and a smoothie. The Cheese and Star bites look very nice Isabella and so very well presented. 
Luca - a brilliant Lego creation - perfect for 'Space' week.
A special additional section as we were meant to be at Danbury this week. So, from the Year 4's so far.
Excellent Francesca - your mum was talking about this today. I'm sure she said she'd love to camp outside with you in the garden...in the rain!
Excellent Francesca - love the zip line. Did the dog get a marshmallow or did you eat them all?
Great zip-line Danny. Well done.
Mr Billings (and children) garden Action Man zipline.
Mr Bates off for a morning walk.
Miss Witzenfeld is also in Danbury mode - I didn't even know she owned a tent...to be brutally honest until today I don't think she knew either. And look at all her friends.
Daisy has been busy this week having fun at Garden Danbury (shame about the wet weather though!) - I agree, if we had been there I'd have been very upset!. She has taken part in a blindfold trail trusting her partner to guide her round the course with directions only, toasting marshmallows round the fire pit, spot of indoor archery, kite making and the marshmallow spaghetti problem solving challenge! Daisy, this is all excellent, well done. Fingers crossed we can do it all properly in September - with better weather!
Well done Sonny. Did you not challenge your mum and dad to make one too?
Excellent Zip Line - was that the Hulk - you sent down first as a test?
Faye has been so happy to try some fun activities in Danbury at home this week.
She enjoyed making a zip line in our garden, indoor obstacle course, origami canoe, marshmallow tower, camp fire and toasted marshmallows. And the most importantly eating lots and lots of sweets before bedtime. Mr Bates and I prefer more savoury items, so if you could remember some pringles (sour cream), or twiglets or cheeselets, it would be appreciated. Love the stick you found, that would fit nicely onto Mr Bates Camp Fire!
We all very much enjoyed Danbury at home. Glad you enjoyed them. I love the Mission Impossible challenge - very good.
Miss Kerr at Danbury
Miss Stockwell (and Charlie) Danbury
Thing's We're Doing at Home.
Last week with the good weather we spent a lot of time in the garden.
Our neighbour who hasn't been well for weeks heard us and mentioned over the fence that she liked hearing Thomas playing the trombone. That led to a trombone playing session in the garden for her and other neighbours to enjoy!
Sounds excellent Thomas - If you can record a short snapshot of your playing I'll try and add that to the website - no promises, but I'll do my best.
Many thanks for your very kind e-mail.
In the last couple of weeks Thomas has been busy with lots of science and technology (other than reading, of course!). He has dissected some flowers and observed them under a hand held microscope, (This is an excellent experiment - absolutely fascinating to learn about) built a robot that is programmed and controlled with the phone and explored building solar powered boats and robots. This all looks brilliant Thomas - well done, I am very impressed.
Am still waiting for that snapshot of you playing the trombone?
Jasmine - you've been very busy - Is that a onesie you were walking the dog with? Love the lego models and the volcano thing.
Daisy has had a busy first week learning from home. Activities have included: PE with Joe Wicks, reading, times tables, word of the day, watching zoo cams and doing an animal fact file, creating our family tree and coat of arms, doing puzzles, painting, family dodgeball and volleyball games, and dog agility lessons! See attached photos. 
Brilliant Daisy. I've been doing the Joe Wicks thing with my children. Luckily by the time I get down onto the floor half the times gone and I then need the 30 second rest to get back up again.
Daisy has been busy over the Easter holidays - making Easter nest cakes, decorating Easter egg biscuits and painting eggs. This all looks amazing Daisy. Did they taste as nice as they looked? My daughter ate the last of our chocolate nests yesterday, I din't get so much as a sniff - all that was left for me were a few crumbs and a digestive biscuit!
She has also been busy with the nature topic, planting seeds (strawberries, cherry tomatoes and forget-me-nots), looking after the garden plants, doing a nature scavenger hunt and climbing trees. It looks more like half a tree to me! Good luck with the strawberries and tomatoes.
Daisy has enjoyed this week's space topic, learning about the different planets and about Neil Armstrong and the 1969 moon landing.
She has been busy make the solar system and space slime! Your solar system looks brilliant - the slime you can keep to yourself...my children like that, gets everywhere!
Scarlett and Jack have been learning a lot about animals with Colchester zoo doing live feeds on Facebook and Edinburgh zoos website having live video feed on some of their animals.
Lots of home cooking and baking with lots of great easy to follow recipes on the bbc website if you don’t have any at home.
We have a idea jar set up with everything they would like to do and when they have a time when they can’t decide they go to the jar a pick one, we also have these to help chose what to build/draw etc
Sounds excellent, well done Scarlett/Jack.  - Thank you for the 'things to do challenges' have popped these on the website, especially like the lego one and as luck would have it - I have some lego in my office!
Scarlett and Jack have designed posters  for their granny’s window to thank the posties! These are excellent, I hope the posties were pleased and smiled nicely at your granny?
Here are a few things we have been up to this week to keep entertained.
They include:
Learning the life cycle of a butterfly
Making barbie cakes with play doh
Playing fashion shows
Making chalk pictures
Playing with ribbons 
Doing puzzles
And best of all staying in PJs till lunch time!!!
Tilly and Taylor, that all sounds excellent, really well done. You're very lucky being able to stay in your pyjama's all morning! Love the ribbon dancing photo and the barbie cakes.
This week we've:
Made Jam Tarts - I do like Jam Tarts, although I'd like a bit more jam in mine please.
Face painting - That is very impressive. Have you asked mum if you can do her makeup one day?
Rainbow hunting - A brilliant rainbow.
Mosaic making - A turtle - that's excellent.
Hair curling - Sadly since my wife cut my hair, I have very little hair left to curl, I dare say it will grow back. My daughter has decided she wants to dye her hair (or at least part of it during lock down), we tried it last night (when I say we, I mean my wife) with food colouring - not very successful, so we've now had to order some pink and red dye. If the school's reopen soon - she'll have to go back in a hat!
And pirate map making - Did you find the treasure?
Tilly did 3 activities today for the fantasy theme.  She created her own imaginary monster. (Is this a nice scary monster - it's very good) She said he has fuzzy green fur, horns on his head, a tail, sharp teeth, a beard and sharp claws. She also made a picture of herself as a super hero. She said she is a Ninja Girl called Cat Girl. (Colchester will definitely be a safer place now if Cat Girl is there to save us) She said her special powers were ninja moves to protect and save people. Lastly I wrote down the word Dragon and asked her to think of a word for each letter that describes a dragon. She thought if some really good describing words! You really did, some very good describing words)
She's also...
Iced a Birthday cake - Whose birthday was it? It does look like a nice cake.
Made a project about Spring by looking outside to see what new things she can see and writing down 5 facts. Well done Tilly. My daughter is also collecting things from outside - but we have to use a collecting stick and then walk around with various things hanging off it.
Made a rainbow for lunch by finding foods at home for each colour of the rainbow. That looks delicious - I can't believe you ate all that, you'll go pop!
We tried something new today to keep Tilly engaged with her Maths work. She has found it really helpful with quick small number addition. Well done Tilly, this is a very clever idea and maths is very important and one of my favourite subjects - what's this about your mum's fingers though?
Tilly and Daddy made a rocket together. Tilly chose the items she wanted to use to make the rocket shape and decorated it. She said a rocket needs flames so she used tissue paper to do this. She told me that she made a hole at the bottom so that Barbie the astronaut can climb inside and fly the rocket to the moon! It is very important that Barbie can get in and out. I asked her what an astronaut is and she said it's someone who travels to space.  Wow Tilly what a colourful rocket you have made and much realistic flames. Barbie the astronaut will be travelling in style that's for sure! She definitely will be.
Just a normal Monday during lockdown! Love this rocket Tilly and your excellent knowledge. 
Planting seeds and flowers, mindfulness and sketching. All excellent things Francesca. Love the drawings and good luck with the plant growing.
Francesca has painted a tree on our front window with rainbow colour hand prints. Just hope it washes off OK? Details, details - if it doesn't you'll have very pretty windows!
Well done Charlotte et al, who won the swing ball competition?
I have some lovely news. Charlotte's great aunt (my aunt) asked Charlotte and her brother to draw a picture each and then get it sent over to her. She works at Peterborough city hospital and I have just been sent these two pictures of the drawings and they have been put up in different places around the hospital to brighten up everyone's day. (Charlotte's picture is the rainbow either side of the cloud). Charlotte and Sam - well done what fantastic pictures and how brilliant to see them up in a Hospital, really well done.
ps - I still don't know who won the Swing-ball competition?

Here are a few pictures of what we (Jude and Ellis) have been up to learning at home.

We used tools (with help from dad) to make some balance beams to help us create an obstacle courses.

We made marble runs with Lego, all tried and tested by mum and dad. With a bit of creativity and a few jumps you can create a marble run from the top of the stairs to the bottom!

We have enjoyed lots of yummy food and  being allowed peanut butter for snack was a treat. Personally, have never really taken to peanut butter - I do like marmite though and apparently marmite and peanut butter go together very nicely - just putting it out there!

We had bacon sandwiches on Wednesday morning like we would at breakfast club!! ( not sure mum wants to keep up this part of the routine!). Mum will come round she's just in denial at the moment - secretly she probably enjoyed it.

We have lots planned for the coming weeks including learning a dance routine to ‘spring chicken’ as it wouldn’t be Easter time without us singing it, constantly!! This is very true. Have added the link below although you've probably found it already. 

 Another fun week in the Thurston house. Hoping you're still having 'Bacon Wednesday's' has mum come round yet?

Nature week - we explored animal habitats by doing an under the sea puzzle (which only took 2 days), making a bird house and building dens for the African animals with play dough and sticks. Sounds excellent - was it a particularly large puzzle?

We explored our local area and collected items to create a nature picture, which we laminated (after ‘pressing’ them under  heavy books for a few days). Very creative. 

We did bark rubbings and used them  as a background to write a nature poem. What a very good idea.

I (Ellis) am very excited to have won the Easter hat competition (Quite right too - this will hopefully be with you either today or tomorrow - hope you've got a large letter box?) and Jude and I are working on the things we want to enter for the talent show.


Jude and Ellis renewed their promise during a group zoom call for their local beaver, cubs and scout groups. Well done boys. Sunday 26th April would of been the annual St. George’s Day Parade (Ellis’ first one!) where all scout groups meet and renew their promises. 

They climbed up dads ladder to see how far they could see, Jude is not such a fan of the heights! It's all about confidence Ellis - next time you just have to go one rung higher and dad was right there keeping you safe - bet the view was still amazing though.

And they whittled some sticks to make magic wands to cast spells. Did the spells work?


1. Regular exercises by PE. Joe, bike riding, running and table tennis.
2. He's learning python programming with his dad.
3. Working on comprehension daily.
4. 4 times a week Bond books, maths and English. 
5. Drawing
6. Reading every single day. 
7. Tried lawn mowing and did a good job. 
Shriyan, it sounds like you've been very busy. My lawn needs cutting! Keep practising the table tennis and we'll have a game when school opens again. I don't have to move too much for table tennis so unlike with Joe Wicks, I should be able to keep up.
Thanks for the writing Shriyan. Thought your Book review on 'Ratburger' was excellent - spot on.
Really enjoyed your writing too. Have you read 'The Secret Garden' by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It's been made into several films. This versions on YouTube - it's not a great version quality wise but have attached the link below.
Shriyan has written the acrostic poem on Fantasy and something that he's been noticing in such unusual times, "When the streets fell empty" Two really nice pieces of writing Shriyan. Some of your description in your second piece is exquisite - well done. Just be careful which tense you write it in - as we're in the present - I'd try writing it all in the present tense...'I can hear the howling wind and the rustling leaves travelling secretly.'
1. Reading daily. From reading stage 1+ books at school now he can read stage 3 books :)
2. Learning numbers from 1-20 
3. He can confidently solve addition and subtraction questions. 
4. Learning to write sentences using one finger space and spelling words.
5. Now he can confidently ride a bike without the stabilisers. 
6. Daily bike riding, PE. Joe and playing in the garden are his current favourites. 
Hridhaan, really well done, especially with the bike riding. We've been doing a lot of bike riding too. I raced my son up a hill yesterday. Obviously I won, but I then had to lie down to recover for a few minutes whilst he was still raring to go! Keep practising, you'll soon catch your brother up.
Keep writing too - this is a really good thing to practise. Alan Durant gives his top tips for writing a picture book and we could then put yours and anybody else's picture book on the website.
Hridhaan from Star class made his first attempt at writing sentences on his own. Well done Hridhaan a really good effort, I am very impressed.
Hridhaan read a book with little support. He wrote few lines about his brother, framed his own sentences with some help in spellings. Solved some adding and subtracting questions. It's great to see what you're doing at home Hridhaan, you're really improving. What you wrote about your brother was lovely.
Love your latest writing Hridhaan - and you're quite right to thank Doctors.
Well done Hridhaan, some more lovely work - especially like the maths. A good way to learn about fractions is to eat a pizza!
Hridhaan's learning counting 1-20 forwards and backwards. Taking away and adding using pencils (his choice). Hridhaan, so very well done. You've obviously done so much at home. I'm not 100% sure what you were doing with the sofa and chair and I don't think I'll be trying that - I wouldn't be able to get up again. Keep up the hard work young man.
Noah has been using online tutorials to improve his drawing. Well done Noah, really good drawings. I do like the Star Wars films. The Simpsons I tolerate, which I have to, because my son likes it.
Chalk work on the patio and learning about sharks. I'm assuming the shark work is you Millie - Did you know, 'An average shark has 40-45 teeth in up to seven rows. Sharks lose teeth regularly and can go through 30,000 teeth in their lifetime.
Millie has been really enjoying the Fantasy theme this week. She enjoys watching The Worst Witch and so she did her own spell. As you can see she scored herself! And very worthy of an A+ Millie. We've been watching 'The Worst Witch' and also Mallory Towers.
She has also made a map and her mum had to find each clue using the map.  The prize was a lovely piece of chocolate..much deserved!!! Yes indeed, it's important to reward yourself after a Treasure Hunt.
She has read lots and made up her own superhero. 
She has completed some maths worksheets adding up big numbers which she has really got the hang of. Well done Millie - Keep it all up - especially the A+'s. 
Noah has also enjoyed the theme. He has written a fantasy story and planned it prior to writing it. Well done Noah - really like your opening sentence.
He has completed some maths using the White Rose link and also BBC Bitesize. He had read his favourite books Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Glad you like these books, my son also liked these a lot.
Both then settled down on Friday afternoon to watch The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe which they really enjoyed. This is a great film, as were the next two they made 'Prince Caspian' and 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader' sadly they then stopped making them - which was very sad.
keep up all the hard work both of you.
Naomi and Thomas have been keeping busy. They both do some writing every day and Joe Wickes is now their PE teacher. Maddie Moate’s science program on YouTube is a big hit with both of them. We’ve also been doing lots of cooking, board games, cards and arts and crafts. Sounds like you've been keeping exceptionally busy. As I've already said my children do Joe Wicks every morning as well. If I time it right, I arrive in the lounge in time for the cool down! Keep cooking, but not too well or Mrs Burke will fear for her job!
Thomas’ favourite lessons have been in maths. One day we got some containers and Thomas looked at how tall they were and put them in order of shortest to tallest, then Naomi estimated their height in centimetres and we used a ruler to measure them. Next we looked at volume and Thomas ranked everything again and Naomi estimated their capacity and we then used a measuring jug to check her guesses. It was fun pouring the water! We’ve also been doing money maths, purple mash and counting objects at home. Maths and water - two of my favourite things. If you could just add some PE into that as well it would be a perfect lesson.
Naomi’s favourite thing about home learning has been choosing what she wants to learn about. She’s been doing lots of cooking and science and has had her telescope and microscope out. She’s also made some stop motion animation and lots of craft. Did you stay up until 3.30 the other morning to see the giant pink moon. I have to confess I didn't quite make it - Karen (my wife) gets very upset if I fall asleep downstairs and it probably wouldn't have gone down well if I'd been snoring in the garden! Love the stop frame animation - that's excellent.
Eowyn and Keira learning at home. Loving the rainbows and the obstacle course in the garden. Not sure why you're holding a maraca but I'm sure there's a very good reason. Is it to signal when you can move onto the next stage of the course?
Eowyn and Keira thought it was a good idea to make slime but Mum is not so sure! I'm with mum, that sort of thing tips me over the edge. Much better to do that sort of thing when I'm at work apparently. Mind you it does look like excellent slime!
The girls have also been helping plant vegetable seeds for our new vegetable garden. Brilliant, I hope they're taking their watering responsibilities very seriously. I asked my son the other day, why the decking was wet and the plant pots were dry - apparently the hose just sort of got away from him!
They've also been doing lots of actual school work too. Well school work is important - but slime making much more exciting!
Marcus - Forest School in the garden is an excellent idea. I love the fire. Mr Bates makes a rather nice fire when we go to Danbury in Year 4. It does tend to be quite large though, not really suitable for a garden.
Love the maths on the fence as well, really good idea.
These are some of the things Alexa has been up to in the last 2 weeks.
  • Baking cakes - and eating them by all accounts. Looked delicious.
  • Learning about the body and it's organs. Brilliant.
  • Experimenting with making colours. Experimenting is a fantastic idea. Did you know there are all sorts of colours you can make from plants? 
And some activities from the home learning packs:
  • Practising using capital letters. Very good.
  • Number bonds. Even better.
  • Story writing. Fantastic Story and love the use of words 'Spacey day' 
I have attached some photos of what my 3 girls (Evie-Anna, Lilly-Grace and Amelia-Rose) have been up to during lockdown, including:
Making obstacle courses in the garden - That did look challenging, not sure I'd fit on the slide, those days are sadly gone!
Making rainbows on the paving slabs. Loved this.
Taking part in Joe Wicks PE Sessions. I'm pacing myself with Joe Wicks, I'm not at all sure about his squat challenge. I'm going for one!
Making pictures for our postman then receiving sweeties as a Thank you (so kind and unexpected!). How lovely.
School learning and making up a shop and selling sweets! It is important to try and make a few extra pennies and very reasonably priced.
They are really missing their teachers and friends and hope to come back soon! Fingers crossed! I think everyone feels that way. Sadly I think we've got a bit longer to go yet.
The Smith girls have been busy the past week! Evie-Anna has been helping mummy prepare food for her sisters and little brother. Well done Evie-Anna, does that extend to Headteachers? I did get a banana cake from Miss Wiggins last week - sadly I can't eat banana's but it was a nice thought. 
We are extremely lucky to have woods and fields on our doorstep, so the Smith children have been exploring the countryside for their daily exercise, and creating Nature pictures using items they found at the woods! Do you each have your own special sticks for prodding and whacking things when you go on walks or is that a boy thing and my son in particular?
As well as Joe Wicks, they have also tried Jump Start Jonny for exercise! (He is very hyper and full of beans though!!) I'm very happy for him.  It sounds exhausting just reading his name.
This Monday the children started using the new BBC Bitesize daily lessons to support their home learning and built pyramids, written stories and newspaper articles and much more! Amelia-Rose has been  working very hard at her phonics and her handwriting is improving lots! This is all brilliant girls, really well done for all this learning you're doing at home. I'm very impressed.
A big hello to St John’s Green from the Smith Girls! 
Week 6 consisted of lots of Tree Climbing. And why not, tree climbing is very important.
Paddling in a babbling brook to collect pebbles to paint for their well-being theme. Shiny, clean feet are very important.
Camping in the garden.  
Amelia-Rose made an Adding Machine to help her with her number sentences. We had a lunch shop in our house yesterday. I had to pay for my own lunch at home. The prices my daughter charged were extortionate and then having worked out the change she decided to keep it!
The 3 girls painted pebbles to hide in our local woodland with happy positive messages on. We do this as well - we've still never found one of our stones after it's been moved. 
... and finally Lilly-Grace’s Dance School, The Company, have raised money for our amazing NHS by allowing all students to choreograph their own tap dance from home and they will be compiled together to make a video! Lilly's super excited to see the finished product! Along with Lilly-Graces contribution, the dance school have so far raised £1874! That's incredible - I look forward to seeing the video too Lilly.
Of course (Of course) all the girls have also completed their literacy/phonics, reading, White Rose Maths and used Numbergym and Purplemash to keep as up to date with their school work as possible... I think I may even have learnt a thing or two myself!? We're meant to learn something new everyday. I'm working on today's learning point...
This week we've been designing our own planets, designing an Alien that lives on their planet and making their Planets! These look excellent and some very friendly aliens. 
We also got the Telescope out to check out the Super Flower Moon! Did you know that this was the last super-moon of 2020 and is called a 'Super Flower Moon' because it signifies the flowers that will bloom this month? I didn't actually know this I had to look it up. I bet Mr Bates knew though!
Huge effort on the Rainbows from the Humphrey Johnson's - everything must have looked very colourful?
I'm sending a few attachments of what the children have been up to..Other than driving me around the bend. If it's any consolation I don't think you're alone in this feeling. My own children have tipped me over the edge several times!
We haven't got access to a printer so haven't been able to print off the proper school work that us available on the school website. We 're very aware of this and from next week will also be posting out to parents the same information we put on the website.
However, we have been doing work books French, English, maths, Science etc...That's excellent, well done.
Abi and Izzy have been dancing with Niki Taylor too. Niki will be thrilled. I was literally just talking about this with Mrs Taylor. It may not surprise you to learn that I haven't been doing Niki's dancing. My body doesn't seem to work that way, I just look like a plate of jelly when I dance!
These are the lego cars I have been creating during my time in isolation.
 I hope you like them from William. I do indeed like them William well done, brilliant cars. I hope you've been getting on with your other learning as well - be great to have some pictures of those too?
Please see attached some photos of what Lacey-Marie in Oysters has been up to: 
Photo 1.Maths! 
Subtracting and adding decimals
Completing the activity then going through the answers. 
Well done Lacey, Maths I think is one of my favourite subjects. 
Photo 2. Learning definitions and origins of new complicated words!
Excellent. Did you see the word I gave to Emily which is also on this page. Here's a word for you - 'obdurate' I'm not saying you are mind you!
Photo 3. Learning about cultures around the world she made her own curry and marinade! Choosing spices that she smelt and tasted before adding, and it was edible! 
Excellent, I do like curry.
Photo 4. Baking a lemon drizzle cake- Lacey enjoyed licking the bowl and after she ate the cake she reflected on how she made it and with what tools. Lacey can use digital scales to measure and was able to explain how it works with units of measure and the tare button.
Yes indeed. Licking the bowl is part of any cake baking process I've been told. 
Photo 5. Graffiti art 
Lacey enjoyed creating 3D writing using a only pencils! 
Photo 6. Family and friends
Learning about different traditions and families in different countries and comparing to her own- she also made our house out of lollipop sticks and her hot glue gun- she used a tape measure to get the right measurements for each section of the house! 
That is a perfect house for lego people or playmobil people. You just need to make the furniture now to go in it. Maybe a small garden, climbing frame etc. You could make a whole village!
Photo 7. Made her own bird house out Lego.....Just waiting for a small bird to nest there now- could be waiting a while! 
You'll have to entice them in somehow. Maybe by putting some seeds or crumbs around the house?
Photo 8. Learnt a new craft skill called quilling- Lacey enjoyed making thank you cards out of different style coils that she made. She then researched about what quilling is,  where it originated from and who used it. 
Quilling is really difficult, so well done. They look fantastic.
Lacey has been building a lollipop village and park using Mr Billings inspiration from her last post of a lollipop house (he said to make a village so she that's what she's doing). I love it Lacey - excellent. So far Lacey has made a picnic bench, swings and a slide for her park and another house! She is very excited to finish this project before going back to school so she can bring it in to show you all. It'll be great to have everyone back in school. It is a very intricate design and requires lots of concentration and precise measuring!! We will be collecting twigs and pebbles today to stick onto her village to create a forest within her park area. Don't forget a small pond.
She has also been enjoying Maths every day using the White Rose link online. She has been writing to the hospital and her friends and family lots and using her letter writing techniques that she has learnt at school. I read this letter - beautiful.
Also Lacey had been doing lots of baking following recipes from scratch without any help apart from using the oven. Those cakes look fantastic - I'm assuming you've now eaten them? 
Extreme reading from Ava. This is very impressive Ava. Of course I often start the day doing similar exercises - just to get the blood flowing!
Tye Dye Fun!. Love the t-shirt - I'd wear one of those, size large please.

William and Charlotte Scaife - Home School Photos

PE – Karate and Cosmic Yoga. This is excellent, especially like the Karate.

Maths – Numicons and counting with giant snakes and ladders. I do like snakes and ladders. I don't often win because I normally always land on the giant snake at the top, which takes you all the way back down to the bottom. Very sad!

History – Romans. Colchester is the perfect place to learn about the Romans. I've attached a short youtube video below - there should be a few places you can recognise?

Lunch Time Picnic. Excellent, nothing like a picnic in the garden.

Science and Nature – Planting Wild flowers. They should look great when they all start to grow. Hope you're watering them?

Science and Nature – Building a bug hotel. We have a couple of bug hotels in our garden. Well done. Bugs are very important - if a little annoying at times.

Break Time – Building a den. Excellent, excellent. What a brilliant den.

Exploring animals. There does seem to be a bit of a shark theme going on with the children of our school. Keep your toes out of the water!

I really like all this work William and Charlotte and what a brilliant rocket you're both making. 


As it’s school holidays this week we have been learning life skills. He wanted his teacher to know he is still learning & reading too.
Jack, that cakes looks amazing and obviously made from scratch too - well done.
Am very impressed with the ironing as well. A very important skill too if you don't want to walk around wrinkled - it's either that or just iron the collar and wear a jumper. Obviously I'd never do that!
Decking looks fantastic - a perfect basketball court!
Well done as well for laying the table - with a cunningly placed can of coke - I do like a can of coke.
Harry has been working on the theme of nature by completing a collage of a nature walk and planting chilli seeds. Harry, really well done. Good luck with the chilli seeds.
Leyla planted some seeds at the beginning of lock-down. She has been tending to them everyday. She has a selection of herbs, flowers and peppers. They have all sprouted and she has recently had to re-pot  them. Really well done Leyla a horticulturalist in the making. Is the little sunflower house important? Only ask as we have one that is very similar in our garden, so if it helps we'll pop it by the seeds we're attempting to grow to try and encourage them to do something - anything actually!
Until now Nathaniel was learning and working from different books of Math, English, Spelling and writing. Almost everyday he is reading his 5 pages from books he likes. Mon- Fri he joins Joe Wicks. (Well Done - looks like the dog is joing in too)  First week of quarantine he joined Homegwarts and we've lots of fun. He also did some cooking with his Nan. He made his scrambled eggs for breakfast and pizza for lunch. I think scrambled eggs on toast is an excellent breakfast - the downside is always washing the saucepan. The trick is to leave it into soak and hope someone else does it. Sadly because of my poorly finger I'm not allowed to wash up at the moment, so I supervise instead!
Some moments from Homegwarts and exercises. Like it all a lot, especially the one of you about to go onto platform 9 3/4. Well done Nathaniel, hope you're keeping well.
Love the Jurassic World. Luckily I don't think dinosaurs are ever going to come back. Which is probably just as well!
Nathaniel has been helped me to design new kids offers. 
He made the fudge Dinosaur fossils for it.  Nathaniel, that's incredible - a lot of care and work obviously went into that. He loves the theme of this week, it's his favourite subject at the moment. Lots of people are loving this theme.
Hugs. These are always appreciated.
We're trying our best to keep home school on track while I'm still working. I know this is a real challenge, all parents are doing is brilliant.
Nathaniel did well last week. He keeps his readings 5 days a week but sometimes does not enjoying learning as much.  This is quite normal, we have the exact same battles with our children at home. It's quite normal that they have bad days and just get fed up...as long as they still persevere with what they're doing.
Apart of the materials we've received from school, Nathaniel has training his brain with "mind-bending maths puzzles"- which are a huge challenge sometimes for myself. Well done to both of you.
He's done maths -White Rose.  We also use home learning from Leap Ahead, completed 7-8y, continue 8-9y. Brilliant Nathaniel - well done.
He almost completed reading & writing  and Spelling 7+ from Homework Helpers, English work book from Bright Sparks. Again, really well done.
Started now English from Leap Ahead Workbook.
He has exercise with Joe. Yes, the children who are in school do this every morning as well - I watch, I've hurt my arm!
He invented alien alphabet and wrote a  'Diary of the Colour Monster' , made a spell and magic potion with his wand.
We also completed our letters from Paddington, who is sending us informative news from his adventures around the world- reading and practising writing sentence.
Well done Nathaniel - you're obviously working really hard at home.
I hope he will be more brave and tell you about when you call us again. Fingers crossed, he certainly had no problem talking in school!
Hugs from us - more hugs - excellent.
Faye is busy learning all kinds of subjects at home. She is regularly doing her year 4 maths and literacy work sheets, timetable, reading and lots of art & craft. Well done Faye, keep it up.
Also she is trying something little different, such as...
Pitch up a small tent with her big sister Mila (without adult’s help) (That's very impressive.) then garden camping, (Even better, no parents!)and skateboarding on the mini ramp. Exceptionally impressed, I simply cannot skateboard. Is dad actually supervising or has her turned round in fear?
Dominic has been celebrating his little bit different birthday this year, with a home made strawberries cake he helped on baking :) What an amazing looking cake, no wonder you're nibbling it slowly Dominic - bet it tasted fantastic. Is there any left? Happy Birthday.
Kian wanted me to email you some of the work he’s been up to at home as he’s very proud of it. And so you should be Kian - well done.
He used a thesaurus to find other words for supernatural and then picked Fortnite as a theme for his fantasy acrostic poem. Love the poem Kian, you must have worked very hard on this.
I’ve picked the word of the day to be his weekly spelling along with some words from the piece about Theseus. Sounds perfect. 
Thank you so much for the learning pack that we received today. Kian is missing everyone at school his teachers, friends and the routine of school. So thank you. Glad it arrived safely.
Previous to this we have been doing a lot of learning, some maybe a little bit too advanced, especially being in science, as I'm a midwife it's a subject I know well, but we've been working on it together. Sounds like perfect learning.
I have attached some photos of some of Kian's learning he is looking forward to seeing you all and showing his book of learning. That will be great - make sure you keep it somewhere safe.
Loved the giant skeleton Kian - has it got a name and where are you keeping it - probably a bit large to hang on the fridge? You've obviously also learnt a lot about plants from your walks - really like your greenhouse - good luck with the peppers and tomatoes.
Keeping fit with dad and Baking skills. I reckon you've got the measure of your dad Sonny - your guard is higher than his and you're on your toes, whereas your dad is flat footed and leading with the right - hope you were careful of the pots on the ledge?!
How did the baking turn out?
Sonny has been creative. He has been using crayons to make rainbows to send to his friends by post. I enjoyed joining him in this and realised I need practise colouring neatly. It is important to colour in the same direction and stay between the lines.
He also created a map of the Island where his Fantasy creature lives."Ortopius". That looks like you're concentrating really hard Sonny.
Finally he helped me painting some of the candle holders we made out of cement, which I think looked lovely in our garden. My wife likes purple. I think they look great, well done.
Sonny worked really hard to complete his reading comprehension about Rosa Parks.
We talked about racism and segregation back in the 50's and what Equality means today.
A very interesting morning talking about Human Rights. This is really important learning Sonny so well done for taking it so seriously and learning more about it.
For Space week I have been busy building my own Spaceship with a little help from my big brother. I had to steal some bits from my dad's shed but he was cool about it. I called my spaceship TX 3.
I hope you like it. Sonny, I think your spaceship is phenomenal, really well done. Good luck on your first mission. 
I’ve been exercising with mummy scootering and doing Joe Wicks and Cosmic Kids. Well done Izabel, you must be very fit by now.
I made a birthday cake for my dads birthday. Very lucky daddy.
I also made an Easter card for my sister and walked to the post box to post it for one of my exercise sessions. That is very impressive multi tasking.
I’m learning the piano which is fun. Excellent, I shall expect to be dazzled when you return to school.
I now have a baby cousin called Thomas who I can’t see due to the covid 19 virus, which makes me sad. My mummy did a family tree for me as well. Yes, that must be very difficult Izabel, but you will be able to see your cousin, we all just have to be patient and I'm sure you've seen them on Facetime - although, that's not quite the same is it?

I miss you all especially my friends. All the staff miss the children too. School isn't quite the same.
Hope to be back soon. We hope this too.
I’ve lost another tooth. That was careless. Hope the tooth fairy came. How much does the tooth fairy bring for a tooth now? In my day it used to be 10p but I suspect it's gone up. Of course you used to be able to buy a packet of Polo's for 8p - ahh those were the days!
I love playing in the garden, we had an Easter egg hunt but it was just me, mummy and daddy. I'm sure it was still excellent - how many eggs are still to be found?
I’ve been reading lots doing Matheletics, BBC Bite Size and the work book from the home learning. Well done Izabel - keep it all up.
Aida has enjoyed finding out information about her pet rabbits. Well done Aida, this is excellent and beautiful writing. I didn't know baby rabbits were called kittens. Are you looking forward to seeing the new Peter Rabbit film?
Aida designed and made her own rocket to go to the moon. Love this rocket Aida - that's brilliant.
Some pictures of the things Freddie has been doing at home for his home learning.
1. Lining up for our 9am home learning start. This is an excellent idea. I still get up and do the same thing every morning. Of course I don't always cut my finger open!
2. Re-created the hopscotch from the school playground. Excellent idea. I've put a link below about playing hopscotch.
3. Star Wars artwork. I really like Star wars. 
4.Creating a new boardgame with play figures and a his own board. What a brilliant idea - I can see Superman, a Ninja Turtle, a Power ranger, The Penguin, The Joker and an Incredible - plus loads more. Must have been a brilliant game.
5.Creative Lego/Duplo building. Well Done. We now have a whole room in our house covered in lego - Apparently the only way to find the piece you have to have is to empty the entire box - everywhere!
6. Yeti drawing and Nouns/adjectives to supplement BBC Bitesize learning. Well done. Love the Yeti
1. Mind map based on being thankful from week 6 lesson plans. That's brilliant Freddie, I like Ribena too.
2. A Letter to his Grandma Jan who is on her own during the lockdown. That's a lovely letter to your Grandma - I bet she was really pleased to get that.
3. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle creative writing story with some ideas and illustrations from Mummy. What a great story and some excellent drawings, mummy is obviously very talented!
Annalise has been focusing really hard on the home schooling that I have set her! Today she's practising  multiplication and Division problems! Annalise is really enjoying her learning so far. Excellent Annalise - well done...make sure you keep up all this hard work.
Charlie and Annalise have put their heads together,  found some rope and some wood. They have made their very own swing! By these pictures I think it's clear to say they are very impressed with what they have achieved. And so you should be, this is very impressive indeed. Although, shouldn't it be the older brother pushing the younger sister and not the other way round?
Harvey wanted time share his learning this morning...
Harvey has been doing his Maths work on position and direction. He has taken turns with his younger sister to be robots and direct each other around the garden using left, right, backwards and forwards. That is fantastic, well done Harvey. Did wearing a magical scarf help?
This is excellent bike riding Charlie, well done - I'm assuming you stopped and returned at some point? Don't forget to wear your  bike helmet. 
Girls missing school a lot but we have been keeping busy. Daily walks, kids Yoga, cooking, English and Maths, daily reads. Gullu, Isabella, Anna - thank you for the photographs - looks like you've been very busy out there  and you're looking very studious in your learning. Anna - we miss having all the children in school too.
Jack and Maynee have been working super hard this week. Jack has written a fantastic story entitled ‘Legend of the Causeway’ and Maynee wrote ‘The Mermaid’ as part of the fantasy week theme. Love the story Jack, hours seems about right for putting up a tent and we often have similar conversations with our children about actually helping. Think your descriptive language is excellent. Maynee, what a lovely story - I do like a happy ending and I'm glad they escaped the sharks.
They’ve both been doing lots of reading (Jack - Time Travelling with a Hamster, and Maynee has read a fact book about Things that Sting). She created a brilliant drawing of a Jellyfish with some cool facts about them. That is a brilliant jellyfish drawing Maynee.
Jack has also been working hard making bookmarks for friends and family which he is selling to raise money for the PTA so that the teachers can have a treat once COVID passed (he said he would like to pay for them all to go for a Starbucks!). I don't think I've ever been into a Starbucks - but Jack what a lovely idea.
Missing everyone at the school lots. Yes, the staff are missing the children too.
Well done Isla it looks like you've been having a great time. Love the potion making - what did your potion do? Very impressed as well with all your exercise both indoors and out, especially liked the water slide/s although I'm not sure I'd fit on the one that went into the pool. Well done for cooking dinner, hope it tasted nice.
Jack & Thomas have had a great week. Treasure hunts, making marble runs, working through the worksheets.
Bit of a geography quiz using the globe & baking, painting & music - lots of laughter x
Well done boys, some lovely things here. Very impressive marble run - a challenge, other than the getting it down the stairs one, is to try and take it round all the rooms downstairs - good luck with that. Keep up the fun and laughter and keep baking - the Great British Bake Off awaits. 
We made a home made gym, using each other as weights. Good team work. Great Team work - did you try and lift dad up Yusuf?
Yusuf and and Samaa Read 36 books on kindle unlimited last week and they miss school. That's an amazing amount of books to read - well done. School misses you both too - it's not the same at the moment without all the children.
Happy Birthday for last week Samaa - was dad's singing good?
I attach some photos of some of the things Evelyn has been doing at home. It looks like you've been very busy Evelyn - apart from that sunbathing bit, although that could have been you resting from the washing up, maths and writing you've been doing. Well done - keep it all up.
Viktoria, it looks like you're working very hard - very well done.
Charlie - there's so many amazing things here I'm not sure where to start.
Firstly - love the menu  and the finished article with a nod in the direction of some salad, that looks great.
I think your letter to the Dr's and Nurses was really special and what a great picture, well done.
Love the stick work and the house you made.
I also think your aspirations are brilliant. I'd like to get a dog too, but I've been told no as well - and I'm very obedient (most of the time).
Superworm - one of my favourite books and you've done a really good summary, well done. Perhaps one of my favourite books is a book called Bogwoppit!
I am writing to just update you about Thomas's activities.
We are using White Rose Maths website and a few other apps on his tablet for maths and sometimes number gym, also a bit of Phonics Play and purple mash. That sounds excellent.
I have managed to find a really large collection of Biff Kipper and Chip books on his Amazon Fire tablet as well as kids national geographic electronic magazines so this is mainly what we are reading and we have learnt about planets, sharks, crocodiles, robots, volcanoes from those magazines. This is all brilliant Thomas, so very well done (There's a few videos on this web page of Volcanoes that children have made, Look for Jasmine and Isobel (I think). 
Besides, we did a little bit of baking and cooking, particularly Thomas learned to make himself a cheese sandwich for lunch. (well a cheese sandwich is all very nice but I absolutely love your robot) We  went for a few push bike rides and to the woods to see bluebells. The bluebells are stunning at the moment so definitely a food visit. Were you riding the bike or did the bike need a rest on you?
The weather has luckily allowed us to spend a lot of time in the garden and Thomas has been playing with his younger brother a lot. We had a few water fights in the garden on warmer days and sometimes we did PE, ball games and yoga in the garden. Nothing wrong with a water fight - I hope you managed to soak your mum and dad. Thought your garden yoga was excellent as well.
Although he misses his school friends I think he also enjoys being at home and spending so much time with his mum, dad and little brother! 
Thomas, the school misses all the children too. But I think you're right - it must also be nice to spend some time at home with everyone. The weather gets better again next week, so you should be back in the garden again.
Malaki has been baking a lot.
We’ve made: 
Fried dumplings - Interesting
Breakfast wraps - Very nice.
Cakes - I had one of my daughters cakes for lunch today. A Gruffalo cake - so it was basically just chocolate.
Bread - You can't beat a freshly baked loaf of bread.
Jam tarts - I do like jam tarts.
Chicken noodle soup - Lovely.
And so much more:
We go for walks and leave special stones with special messages for passers by to put a smile on their faces during this hard time. This is brilliant - I think lots of people are doing thsi and moving stones around. We've never yet re-found one of our original stones after they've been moved.
We workout and do Joe Wicks and also yoga on youtube. Well done.
We have also been doing some work from the work packs which has come in very handy. I'm glad they helped.
Malaki is doing pieces of writing everyday to increase his writing stamina for year 6 and also working on the neatness of his writing. Really well done. Fingers crossed they do actually make this game for you! Don't forget to start sentences with capital letters in your comprehension answers.
Keep up all the hard work Malaki.
Wow Beau, what a lot of excellent work you've been doing and all that writing. I am really impressed. I really like your 'Shadow Cat' drawing and your letter to your Nan, which I thought was lovely and spot on - especially the bit about wanting to give her a cuddle.
A really nice story at the end of the photo's - glad they all got out of the cave!
Camp stories and lots more.  Aianna has learnt to count to one hundred. That all looks very tasty Aianna. Well done for your improved counting skills.
Some fantastic work here Beau - I especially love the hot dog - an inspired idea. 
More great work Beau - who knew that 'The Leaning Tower of Pizza' had that many steps or how much paint they have to use on the Eiffel Tower. I've learnt something - thank you - hope I can remember it in case you test me!
Today James created his own number track using chalk in the back garden. He got up to number 11 and then with some assistance from his Dad added the sun and planets, to tie in with space week. It was decided to add Pluto, but we made note that it is a dwarf planet.Well done James this is excellent, I think it's ok to include Pluto. Have you learnt a mnemonic yet for remember the names of the planets and their order. MVEMJSUNP?
Last night we got out the telescope and finally figured out how to use it properly and be able to fit the phone to it to take photos. That sounds like a challenge in itself.

We managed to see the moon as close as we could and capture this photo and see Venus, which is much further away and showing a crescent shape at the moment and got a photo of this too.

I’m loving the Space theme for this week. Both my sister and I also had a question each answered with the live chat link you sent with the astronaut Michael Foale. My question was “How heavy is a spacesuit?” and Maddie’s was, “What’s in Black Holes?”. Those are both excellent questions. It seems like you enjoyed it. Have a watch of Mr Bates' video which will be on this weeks links later on today.
Hope everyone is keeping well, Aimee has been working really hard over the past few weeks but is really starting to miss everyone now. I can understand that Aimee, the novelty definitely wears off after a bit.

A few weeks ago her Grandad told her that the residents at the home he works at were missing their visitors. Aimee asked him if she could send some letters to them to try and cheer them up.
The response she has had has been amazing, she’s struck up a few friendships with the residents and had invites to go and visit them when this is all over.
The manager contacted Aims thanking her for her kindness and letting her know how much they all love her letters and pictures.
I think your letters are lovely Aimee - what a difference they've obviously made to the people in the home. You've definitely made a very special difference in their lives.
St John's Green got Talent
Keep the entries coming in. I won't upload them yet as the competition has a week to go. For your viewing pleasure though is the staff entry...Personally, I can't see us winning!
Please remember that the closing date is today 27/4/2020. I will start uploading them for your viewing pleasure tomorrow morning.
As a special bonus - Baby Shark - sung like it's never been before!