Jump into the Past

Daisy has loved learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. She has found out all about Egyptian Pharaohs - Tutankhamun and Cleopatra - and the mummification process, their beliefs about the afterlife and Egyptian Gods.She has been on a virtual expedition to Ancient Egypt on Google Expeditions and made these fantastic masks of Anubis and Cleopatra.
Really well done Daisy, I'm very impressed. They're very realistic.
The girls have enjoyed looking at all things Egypt this week. They have Learnt all about Tutankhamen, how to mummify, learnt about the Pyramid and Tombs, designed a death mask and made their own Pyramid. 
Lilly-Grace has worked super hard on her spellings and learning to tell the time this week, whilst Evie-Anna has written a fantastic news report on the discovery of a tomb.
Really well done girls, again brilliant stuff. It's a shame in some ways this Home Learning is coming to an end as I do enjoy my weekly updates from you all.