HISTORICAL: Jan 2021 Home Learning

Historical: Home Learning in Jan 2021
The School's Approach to remote 'On-Line' Learning in January 2021
In the case of a 'Bubble' needing to Self Isolate then the timetable below is the guide that the school will use to facilitate 'Learning from Home.' The timetable is not set in stone and class teachers may make some alterations to it to enable them to best meet the needs of their classes.
All Home Learning will be conducted using Microsoft Teams and is best accessed through a Laptop. If parents do not have a laptop they can borrow one from the school.
The resources below will support the 'Remote On-Line' learning for the week beginning 18/1/2021 only - just in case. The main access for children is still with their login's for Microsoft Teams, this is just a back up!
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Microsoft Teams - Help Documents for Parents

Microsoft Teams—A few Do’s and some definite Don’ts for Parents and Children…

Do—Persevere when a link doesn’t work. The chances are it’s not the link it’s just the connection at that time. As with any website be patient and refresh the link. E-mailing us after you’ve tried once because a link doesn’t work that one time is a little bit reactionary.

Do—Remember these are computers. Things will and do go wrong all the time. When they’re working perfectly it’s brilliant, but when they’re not, don’t over think it. We totally lost Mrs Hancock for a day this week and Mrs Wall just disappeared half way through her teaching. Children will still be able to access the files in their folder and the teachers will re-appear when they’ve solved their technical issues.

Do—If possible, reduce background noise. Washing machines, the TV, etc, can all be picked up and this does create a cacophony of sound. There are some huge challenges here, especially when children are in the same room—so if you can spread them out around your house—please do.

 Do—Trust your children. The on-line lessons are for them as children, not you as parents. Resist the temptation to hover in the background and let them make their own mistakes. Even our youngest children don’t need their parents standing over them when the teacher is teaching.

Don’t—Start the lesson before the teacher does. This is really irritating for everyone. Be patient and wait until the message comes up that tells you the teacher has started.

Do—If you have a technical problem, e-mail support@stjohnsgreen.org.uk

Don’t—if you have a class based concern e-mail the support e-mail address, this is for technical problems such as logging on.

Do—if you have a class based concern e-mail admin@st-johnsgreen.essex.sch.uk in exactly the same way as you would if the children we’re in the school building. This will then be forwarded to the class teachers

Don’t please as parents use the chat function to contact the teacher, this is not what the chat function is for.

Don’t as parents overthink everything. The lessons are being recorded and are readily available, so if you want to go out for a walk or take a break then do. As long as your children are accessing the on-line learning for the majority of the time and doing their best to keep up with everything, not logging in at exactly the right time is not a disaster.

Don’t—Reply to the teachers comments in the ‘Chat’ function unless you’re asked to. Otherwise the teachers comment gets lost in a plethora of emoji's

Do—remember, everyone is still learning about Microsoft Teams including us. It will continue to get better, the more we use it and the more familiar we become with it.

Do Remember all work to be uploaded to the ‘assignments folder only.



Xbox/Play Station

Some of our parents have already cracked this, but others may not have been aware.

Your child’s xbox/play station can be used to facilitate their on-line learning. Below are some instructions that tell you how to set up the xbox/playstation.

The one sticking point is a keyboard. Luckily we have a solution to that—the school will lend you a keyboard.

If you haven’t yet considered using your child’s xbox/playstation, then please do and if you would like to borrow a keyboard please e-mail: support@stjohnsgreen.org.uk