Food - Things We've Made

Have created a new category all linked to food as cooking and baking are very important.
Aisha - some of my favourite foods - I do like noodles with prawns especially with a hint of chilli and your chicken skewers look amazing.
Kia-May - this all looks fantastic. I really like the look of that chocolate thing - did it taste as nice as it looks and were you allowed to lick the bowl?
Is this raspberry or strawberry - it looks very nice. 
Banana and Strawberry smoothie - well done Logan. Our first Strawberry was ready at the weekend - My sone ate it before anyone else got a look in.
Lily mixed together a chocolate cake mix with Coca Cola and cooked it in the slow cooker! When cooked, Lily crushed Oreo biscuits and Flake’s in separate bags and, sprinkled over the top. It was very delicious! And it looks very delicious too. I expect it would be too much to ask as to whether you kept a bit?
Our maths conversion cookery lesson today - Fraction Fritters!! 
They were yummy! We converted all measurements of ingredients!!  Ava, they do look rather nice, sounds like an excellent lesson - well done.