Tilly used the book Owl Babies to learn all she could about owls and their habitat. She paid special attention to all the details in the story and used these details to make her very own owl tree. She went through the craft box and chose all of her own materials to make her owl tree. She had a good idea to make a branch for the owlets to sit on out of a brown pencil. She made the Mother owl from an empty ketchup bottle and painted baby wipes to make feathers. She spent 3 days painting, sticking, cutting and produced a beautiful habitat. I'm so proud of her for all of her hard work. She LOVED this activity and really got stuck in. She can't wait to bring it to school to show you all and tell you all the owl facts she has learned along the way.
Tilly this is fantastic - I love the owl and the baby owls. Well done for your hard work. Can't wait to see it in real life.
Some fantastic work here Beau - I especially love the hot dog - an inspired idea. 
More great work Beau - who knew that 'The Leaning Tower of Pizza' had that many steps or how much paint they have to use on the Eiffel Tower. I've learnt something - thank you - hope I can remember it in case you test me!
Sonny/Kira - well done some lovely creative work here - especially like the phone holder. I need to make myself one of those.
Sonny has researched facts on the Colosseum following The 7 Wonders of the World topic this week. He wrote about an imaginary trip to Rome and inside the Colosseum, and he used the Internet to virtually go around the amazing Roman building. Viva Roma! Viva Roma indeed - well done Sonny, there's an awful lot of work gone into that.
Stanley, what an excellent story - is there anywhere that you didn't go? Really well done. There's loads of work here. I've forwarded it to Miss Stockwell for you.
In.discovery week he did some art of the 7 wonders of the world. He has watched some David Attenborough documentaries on Deserts, Jungles and Mountains. 
We walked to school on Thursday and donated some books and got some back of the trolley.  Well done Noah - love this freeze you've done.
Hi Nathaniel, I've popped your pictures in here as part of 'Discovery' although I do realise you've been doing lots of things on 'Space' as well.
Another week behind the covid-19.
We're well and safe. Nathaniel keep going with home learning but it become more hard than before as I'm working more and can't give him full attention. It must be very difficult, well done for everything you're doing.
I'm trying my best but sometimes simply let him enjoy the childhood, explore and discover world around. This certainly seems to be something that Nathaniel is very good at.
He's been doing his maths and watched lots about earth and sun fact. He really loves it.
He invent a washing liquid at my work to help me keep all clean and safe. What a good idea.
He's working with me almost everyday delivering to people, while he's reading and doing some homework. He loves trying new flavor of teas at my work.
This week he wake up twice early enough to make live with Joe. I'm always up for Joe Wicks but somehow I always manage to have something else to do.
As you can see from photos he enjoy the time with Paddington who sent him greeting from Venezuela and built gummy Lego figures. I put the Paddington link on the website, I really like this. Also he's been helping his nanny to paint the shed. Excellent - there must be a lot of freshly painted sheds around Colchester at the moment.
Well done Nathaniel (and your mum) you're clearly doing your very best - every week that goes past is another week closer to the end.
A lovely picture Shriyan.
I'm loving this work Hridhaan - your writing is really coming on. I'm very impressed.
HI Aisha - I've popped this picture and video in here - but try as I might I'm not quite sure what you're discovering or indeed whether you discovered it?
I hope you don't mind Sidney but I've popped your writing in here and sent it to Mrs Rayner. I think it's an excellent piece of writing with some amazing imagery. Well done.
Annalise and Charlie were set a task to make a volcano which then got their imagination to run wild.. that turned into a lake, Mount Everest with a water fall, a tunnel which will soon have a road going under it and much, much more...! Team work makes the dream work... as Annalise would say! Very wise words Annalise. I think this is brilliant - both of you - love the lights and the ducks too. Very, very well done.