I just had to send in Jude’s Andy Warhol inspired picture.

We didn’t stop laughing as we coloured them together.

He also created a fact file on Andy Warhol.

This is excellent stuff Jude - very well posed.

This House was designed by an artist called Grayson Perry and he dedicated it to an imaginary lady called Julie. It is made of all different tiles and statues that represent Julie's personality. 
It is situated in a place called Wrabness that I visited with my family.
I also took lots of pictures of the beautiful country side and the river going across .
My mum found a swing and we all had a go it was really fun. Sonny.
Looks like you had a great time Sonny - I do know this house 'A House for Essex' and it is stunning. You used to be able to go into a ballot to stay there (you did have to pay) not sure if you can still do that.
This week, Thomas and Naomi have both been working on the school work sent home and we have embraced creativity week and used Maddie Moate’s YouTube program as inspiration to create our own theme park.
Naomi your drawings are phenomenal. I also love both your water rides in the garden, they look like a lot of fun, if Naomi quite hard work - all that blowing.
Thomas, I loved your video - I think I could play on that all day.
The Smith girls have very much enjoyed creativity week! We have made up dances, songs, painted repeated photos of themselves in the style of Andy Warhol, made paint splattered pictures and made mood boards.  They have also worked very hard in all core subjects- literacy, phonics, reading and maths! 
Those are certainly interesting photographs - apparently giraffes have purple tongues! Those splatter paintings look like a lot of fun - good job you were outside.
Jamie got 'creative' this week when we decided we needed a little break. Our location? Bear Camp in the beautiful region of 'La Lounge'. Jamie made signage and a campfire (it even lights up!) on which to toast our marshmallows and S'mores. Jamie, I think I've camped in the very same campsite! A very impressive fire - which is perfect to keep your feet warm, when the evening chill sets in. Hopefully you managed to rustle up a hot chocolate to have with your toasted marshmallows?
So Logan has launched himself into creative week full force. A self portrait using  Banksy  as inspired  (yes I let him loose with spray cans, lock down has clearly got to me) - (I know that feeling - I've been making wooden reindeer's with my son which means he's been strongly supervised with all sorts of tools) we also produced a power point   titled 'Factsy on Banksy'. (Like it!) Andy Goldsworthy was are next port of call along with Andy Warhole and Lichtenstein and a bit of Pollock.
Excellent Logan - I really like this. I couldn't work out what your 'Tag' was though?
Hi Vada, Loved all of these things - what a lot of care and attention you've put in. Especially like your fairy. We're very into fairies  (and frogs) at the moment in our house due to the installation of the smallest pond in the world. Still my daughters happy and the hanging fairies look down on the frogs etc etc.
This week Millie and Noah have enjoyed being creative. 
Millie has completed the stag beetle and ladybird symmetry pictures. She has learnt about Wassily Kandinsky and answered the questions. 
She also enjoyed doing some surrealist art and learning about Salvador Dali and Renee Magritte. 
Millie learnt about origami. I think Dad may have done the majority of this!! This is all very impressive Millie. My daughter had a Brownie Zoom meeting last night and this was all on origami. It was carnage and yet somehow 14 paper fishes were made - impressive stuff.
Noah really.enjoyed this week. 
He completed some surrealist artwork. He did some.origami. He also read (back into Harry Potter big time) And why not - the books are excellent.
Noah is really enjoying drawing. He is copying footballers cartoon pictures online. His.skills are becoming very good. He also did some numeracy. Really well done Noah. the mighty Colchester are playing tonight in the first leg of the playoffs against Exeter at 5.15p.m. and this is on Sky Sports. My father in law has brought me my picture to sit in the stand, so I will be there, even though I won't be and I might be on TV even though I'm not there - if that makes sense?!
We have been going for walks along the beach after dinner, when it is much quieter. This week Lily collected shells for her fairy house and, tried ‘skimming’. I've popped this picture in here Lily as it sounds like you're being very creative with your 'Fairy House.' How did the skimming go?