Harrison has been enjoying family time at home, he has completed lots of work set from school and having fun along the way. Glad you're enjoying the work Harrison.
He has enjoyed lots of bike rides on his new bike and walks around the local area and Abberton Reservoir. He has made slime, clay models of different objects and painted them to give as presents for other family members. Ah yes 'SLIME' we've made that..! Luckily we persuaded our daughter that it would make great doorstep gifts for her friends.  
He is enjoying reading different books, especially David Walliams and completing activities to do with each story. He has even drawn his own made up character 'Ultra Army' and written a story all about him and made his own board game Dodge or Dare. 
Everyday Harrison has been enjoying helping myself (his mum) to make dinner and enjoyed making some cakes and cookies. There's been a lot of cake and cookie making going on and so far absolutely none of them have found there way to me!
This week Harrison has started to draw illustrations for J.K.Rowling's new book The Ickabog to which Harrison Hopes to enter the pictures for her illustrations competition, as he has an amazing imagination. He can't wait to be back at school with all his friends and hopes to see everyone soon. Well done Harrison and good luck with your drawings.
Joshua, I wasn't really sure where to put this photo - so in discussion with Mrs Skinner - we've gone for 'Community' as your house is a community. Hope that's ok and the earth moving went well?

Here are some pictures of Jude and Ellis.

They have supported their local community by picking (and purchasing) some local strawberries. Excellent idea, nothing like freshly picked strawberries. How many did you eat whilst picking?

They have been exploring the pond in Highwoods Country Park, finding a newt was so exciting. That must have been very exciting. We saw an eel in the river the other day but alas didn't catch it.

We have contacted  the local council and collected all the necessary equipment for a litter pick later this week. Well done - have fun.

We have also enjoyed learning about Florence Nightingale and how she got her nickname.

Looking forward to finding out what theme is next week.

The Smith Girls have had a busy week learning maths, literacy, Phonics, word of the day, reading and enjoying the Themed tasks that were set. They have made posters for the Zoo, emergency vehicles, hand print firefighters, drawn maps and described the area they live in, designed neighbourhood Rosettes, written about people that work in the community, talked about and drawn Colchester’s attractions. You have been busy girls - I really like the blue hand print thing. Have you seen Colchester Zoo's YouTube play list, my favourite is the penguins going for a walk.... Have a good week.
This week alongside the Maths, Literacy and Reading Noah and Millie have enjoyed learning about the community. 
Millie has made her own poster in support of Colchester Zoo, she has designed her own superhero and she has completed a worksheet about the community. Love this poster. Have you seen the link above for the zoo's YouTube channel.
Millie has also started growing her sunflower seeds. She is currently 2nd place. Myself and her dad used seeds from last years sunflower but they don't want to know!!! I have exactly the same problem with grass seed.
Noah has been drawing lots and used his skills to draw a poster for Colchester Zoo. Again - fantastic. Noah also helped cut back some overgrown bushes in our garden and swept up the leaves. That's helped our little community at home as normally the garden is my job (Mum!). Well done Noah and well done for clearing yup too. My own children are not so hot at the clearing up bit but can reduce a bush to its trunk in seconds. Looks like you've done a very good job.  Noah wrote about the local community as well. He understands he is part of different communities such as SJG and the football team he plays for. 
Noah is currently 1st place in the sunflower competition at home. He definitely got the best seeds! I think it's probably more about the love and attention you gave your seed Noah - the others are just jealous.
We ended the week by doing a social distanced litter pick with friends. They enjoyed it and understood we are all responsible for keeping our communities clean. Fantastic - well done.
Hi Luca, I'm not 100% sure of the context for this vehicle. I think maybe something to do with helping tired animals home after they've had a long walk?
Well done Emilie and Charlie - so brilliant colouring in here.
Well done Hridhaan - you're obviously still trying very hard at home. Keep up all the hard work.