Blue Planet

Jasmine I'm not sure a Slow Worm is a bug - but what a brilliant find and well done for catching it as they're wriggly things...
Freya, that is a very scary looking fish! You haven't told me anything about it but I think it's called an 'angler' fish and they live in deep water.
The girls have thoroughly enjoyed Blue Planet week! We have watched endless blue planet programs, made ocean habitats, researched marine life, the oceans and plastic pollution. They also created ‘STOP Polluting’ posters and got on sensibly with their Maths and literacy tasks. Really well done girls. You've been amazing with all the work you've been sending me - although I do detect a slight prevalence towards the art and craft side of things - and there's nothing wrong with that. Happy jumping backwards next week - looking forward to seeing what you're going to make.
I would like to share Hridhaan's progress so far. He has started reading independently, he sometimes needs help with some long tricky words. He explains what he's read clearly. He is very confident in adding & subtracting. All the sheets I've attached below are all the work he's done independently without any help, I was very pleased with that ☺️ 
We are now looking into doing year 1 work. He is picking up really well. I've attached some of his work. 
Hridhaan that's brilliant - so very well done. You've obviously been trying very hard at home. Well done especially with your reading - keep practising.
Millie and Noah have really enjoyed this week. Millie has worked her way through the pack learning about the layers of the ocean and the different oceans. She learnt about Octopuses  and made one!! She also answered questions on sharks. 
Noah has also learnt about the oceans and their names.  Noah learnt about different predators.
They also both watched a programme on the issues surrounding our oceans and plastic pollution. Even though I thought I was aware of the issues this was an eye opener. They also watched an episode of Blue Planet. 
Really well done both of you. It sounds like you've learnt an awful lot this week. Millie I love your little Octopus and Noah - well done on naming all the oceans - I shall test you when you when I next 'sea' (hope you like the word play here) you!
Thank you Callum, this is brilliant. I loved your information on the 'Box' jellyfish - absolutely fascinating, I didn't know that turtles were their main predator. Well done as well for the two 'creative' pictures you sent - very impressive.
During Blue Planet week Freddie and Oscar had great fun designing their own posters about looking after the oceans.
Fantastic posters boys - really well done.
Nathaniel has turned 9 (Happy belated birthday Nathaniel). He is doing as much as he can and being pushed to learn. (Quite right too)
We're focusing on spelling all of the words he is reading diary and as a part of it he's doing 1 page from English revision  with English essentials- key stage 2 /9+.
He is doing  Purplemash and his timetables as Miss Stockwell advised.
He is missing all of you and I hope he can back to school on September. (He can)
Well done Nathaniel - it looks like you've been kept very busy. Well done and we'll see you in September.