Animal Planet

Here is some more of Freddie’s home learning..

1. Addition and subtraction board game - Endor Race with board, cards, coin toss, game rules and method.

2.Habitat work including Information posters for Squirrels and Muntjak deers. His habitat was Thetford Forest in Norfolk as we were due to be in on holiday at Centre Parcs there last week.

3. Creative story, written down by Mummy as Freddie made it so long! He also built animal characters out of Duplo to go with the story.
Hi Freddie, I know that your work was not for week 9 but it does fit very nicely with week 9's theme so I've popped it in here. I hope that's ok? Love your story - although I'm not sure I'll be rushing to the beach now in case I get bitten on the nose. I also think your squirrel and deer facts are brilliant. Well done.
Hi Tabitha, I've put your picture in here because Miss Pickard dressed up as a tiger to read her story, so technically she can be classified as being part of the theme for Week 9, 'Animal Planet.' A lovely poster - I've sent it to Miss Pickard.
We have enjoyed designing our own zoo. Stanley worked out the budget for buildings, animal food and how many animals he has in his zoo. Using his maths skills. 
Well done Stanley - could I just ask whether there will be frogs in the reptile house as we're (my daughter) quite into frogs at the moment. I'm glad you enjoyed this piece of work - what you've done looks fantastic.
Loving this 'How to Care for a Cat' leaflet Harry - I'd love a read of that when you've finished as we have two cats at home. Well only one at the moment because one of them hadn't yet returned this morning after his night out!
Good luck with the sunflower growing - hope you're better at watering than my children who are quite frankly useless!
Filip planted his sunflowers, when they start growing we will send photos
This is an amazing picture Aisha - it must have taken you ages. Really well done.
Kia-May - I'm loving this house you've made and the way you've camouflaged it with leaves. I've put your bear picture in with these photo's in case the house was for him. Good luck with the seed growing.
Francesca has Made owls to hang in our tree, using the twigs she picks up on our walks. She has also been den building as well. She misses everybody and hopes all the staff have a good half term.
Francesca - what a brilliant idea for owls - I'm going to borrow that idea for my daughter to see if we can move off frogs that has become a bit of a obsession. Not really sure if the den building fits in this section - unless you're hibernating, in which case it does.
I think I would like to visit your zoo Viktoria, if that's ok? Your animal looks very interesting and very colourful - have you decided on a name for it?
Nathaniel still doing all the best he can. I'm delighted, well done Nathaniel.
While he's delivering with me we visit different places with social distance of course. He loves his gummy blocks and chats with his dog. So I see.
Today we've visited Castle park and met squirrel, little ducks and swans. We left them some food. I think the squirrels are very well fed in Castle Park.
What a fantstic video Stanley - well done. A brilliant commentary.
Eowyn joined in with a world record breaking art lesson  drawing this awesome whale. There's more at #ArtWorldRecords #DrawWithRob. It certainly is an awesome whale, Well Done Eowyn.
Keira has been enjoying the sunshine which has been perfect for her scavenger hunt homework. Excellent Keira, it looks like you were having a lot of fun. I don't remember seeing chocolate cake on the 'Scavenger Hunt List' but well found and well eaten.
The Smith girls have had a busy week for Animal Planet week! 
Their home learning packs arrived Monday morning so their sunflower seeds were planted, alongside maths, English, reading etc, the 3 girls learnt about herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. We worked on food chains, designed Zoos, talked about what categories animals fitted into (mammals, reptiles etc), played animal top trumps, did Joe Wicks and Amelia-Rose loved listening to Mrs Scotting Reading one of her favourite stories! They also created their favourite animals out of recyclables! Goodness me, I'm exhausted just reading everything you've been doing.
We also visited Bourne Woods and woodland near to our home, as well as swapping book on the book trolley at school! 
Girls, I'm tremendously impressed and loved all the photo's as well - thank you. Good luck with the Sunflower growing. I really liked the animals you made. My favourite I think was the owl - shh...
Tilly what a brilliant interview, you must have worked very hard to remember all of those facts - I learnt lots and lots about Koala's - I didn't know they slept for 18 hours! I can see I'll have to be very careful when you come back to school in case you start interviewing me...
Well done Nathaniel. The website was/is having a small fit at the moment, so it wouldn't let me add these picture to your other ones in this section. Double fame for you then. Hope you managed to attract some birds?
Rhys has been busy building a snake house for his snake from the zoo, (its not a real snake) hope you like it Mr Billings! Rhys - before I read this bit at the end of the e-mail I did genuinely think it was a real snake! Glad it's not. Love the 'snake house.'